Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Body Shop, Bio-Bridges

Disclaimer: Press Release

I was fortunate to blog about their past campaign The Body Shop Hemp Products, Enrich Not Exploit. It is an honored to learn about The Body Shop new campaign Bio-Bridges.

As part of our commitment to protect and enrich the world we live in, we're building Bio-Bridges. Bio-Bridges are restored wildlife corridors within damaged landscapes that help endangered species reconnect, enabling them and local communities to thrive. Over the coming months, participating The Body Shop stores will make a contribution of 1p for every purchase (one customer transaction) made in our stores or websites. Find out when your country is participating below. Each contribution can enable us to help restore 1 square meter of threatened rainforest in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam."
Reggie is a Red Shanked Douc found in the Khe Nuoc Trong forest, which is the setting for our Bio-Bridge in Vietnam. The Red Shanked Douc is on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list of endangered species, The big issue facing the Douc is that he is on the local menu, so is poached for food, fur and for use in Chinese medicine. We know Reggie and the other Red Shanked Douc live in the canopy of the forest and eat various species of plants. Doucs are, like all monkeys, social animals, so he needs our help finding him love!"

To mark the launch of The Body Shop's latest initiative, Bio-Bridges - aiming to restore damaged rainforest in Vietname to help species from becoming separated and endangered,
Lisa Houghton, Global Makeup Artist for The Body Shop, has once again (she painted Mona Lisa on her face) transformed her face into a work of art. Using Shade Adjusting Drops and British Rose Lip+Cheek Stain, she has painted Reggie, an endangered Red Shanked Douc native to those forests (and face of the campaign!) on her own face.

The program just kicked off globally. With every in-store/web purchase through August, one meter of rainforest will be restored. The initiative aims to regenerate 75 million square meters of forest and protect it from exploitation, poaching and unsustainable harvesting.

Disclaimer: Press Release

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