Monday, December 26, 2011

Adore Me Lingerie

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I want to wish everyone a very happy, Merry Christmas!!! I guess when this is posted it's belated, but still wish for the best. I hope you were surrounded by good people with tons of food. :)

In November, I introduced Adore Me. If you don't recall Adore Me, it's a monthly lingerie club that comes to your door. You can check out my introductory post or the website. I was fortunate to receive a lingerie from Adore Me so I can fully review the process of the club, as well as, review the lingerie.

The first thing I did is take the quiz. It took a good 2-5 minutes depending on how quick you are. There were times I had to think about the answers.
They ask all types of questions relating to lingerie to your style. Some of the questions were, "What's your favorite lingerie fabric?" which I took the picture from their quiz, another is "Which Gossip Girl style fits you best?", and so on. One thing I really like is that you have choices from pictures. You just click on the picture you like and then move on. That's how simple the quiz is.

After you take the quiz, the stylists compute your answers to get the perfect lingerie for you. For some odd reason, I thought the showroom would be done in a minute or two. I believe it took a good night to morning process. I waited for the showroom, but I didn't get it to the next morning. One thing great is that they e-mail you that the showroom is ready. That was nice!
Here's my December showroom.
Not only do they only have lingerie, but they have babydolls & slips.
They also have hosiery. I printed the screen of my December selection. If you don't like any of the ones they posted, you can check out your friends and choose from there. I choose something from my selection. ;)

Once I chose the item I wanted, the ordering took a couple of minutes. They also sent an e-mail confirmation of the item you ordered.
I chose Hannah. It's a simple lingerie for my style. :) It costs $39.95 including shipping and handling. Pretty good price I might say. By the way, I did not pay for mine. It was free to review on my blog.

The shipping took a good one week or even less. I cannot remember the exact day, but it was pretty quick from what I recall. Now onto my review...
The lingerie is packaged inside a box. The box itself did not come alone, but in a big envelope. For that reason, the corners got bent. In all honesty, I don't think it matters about the box but what's inside.
Once you open the box, you see a cute wrapping with a letter from Adore Me.
Here's a picture of my lingerie set. It's a lot pinker than the picture but I actually like it better in person. :)
Here's how the bra looks like. The wire is secure, sturdy, and well made. I love how it has laces on the top part and it isn't the cheap kind. The bow in the center is an added cuteness to the bra.
Here's the back of the bra. I love how it has three button/strap area. Most bras I own only have two. Three gives it more a security and sturdiness or at least I think so.
This is so unique for me!!! I have never seen the inside of the bra like that; how it has different bumps of padding. At first, I was not too sure why. Now that I tried this on, I understand it. It gives the added push especially for the women who are not blessed in that area. ;)
Here's the pantie. It's striped pink and lighter pink vertical (up and down).
It has laces all around and a matching bow from the bra.
One thing about the fabric is that it's see through. I put a sample product I received from somewhere else to show you how see through the fabric is. It can be sexy in some way, at the same time, protect you. ;)

Overall, I am happy with my lingerie and I think this a great idea! Nowadays, who has the time to go shopping at the stores. You can just choose from online, and with the ease get it delivered to your place. I highly recommend Adore Me!!! :)

Thank you Adore Me!!! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are given to me to review. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Chriselle Sy said...

I actually have no problem online shopping, just the issue is that I hate shopping for clothing, shoes and lingerie just cause you can never be sure of the sizing!

I like the pair you chose by the way. :) You're right, the padding on the inside of the cup is unique.

L e n a said...

they look so nice!
i need to update my delicates. good to see there is more options than VS. ;)

Jen said...

Lingerie <33 The topic is so 'taboo' with many people that I love seeing you and others posting about these topics =D Ahh, they have such a great selection and so cheap too!! I just gotta say.. that bra makes you look like you have massive boobies you lucky girl! XD

Gaby de Modacapital said...

great post!!!

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