Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer

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I haven't reviewed a beauty product in such a long time. I think it's about time I go back to reviewing... hehe~ Since I finished my Cellnique Vita Cellular Repair Emlusion (click here to read my review), I needed a light moisturizer for the summer. I bought this end of last year to use for the winter weather and realized it was too light for my dry skin. For that reason, I decided to hold back until summer... hehe~ If you go get this, know that this is the old packaging. They have a different logo on the container... hehe~ ;)

Product Review: Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer

Where can you purchase this: Walgreen
Price: $14.99

Made in USA

Information on the back: MERLOT is made of natural red grape seed polyphenols. It offers sensational antioxidant properties thereby helping to inhibit the aging process. MERLOT is fragrance free, non-oily, absorbs quickly.


My thoughts: I've read reviews on this moisturizer from other blogs and it really interested me. For that reason, I bought one end of last year. How great is it to use a product that has antioxidant and anti-wrinkle. It sounds great for aging skin which is one of my concerns (I don't have to worry about acne). When I first used this end of last year, it wasn't moisturizing for my dry winter skin. Now that I'm using it now, it is really cooling to the skin. You don't need much; a little goes a long way. Then again it might be the summer weather where it's not really dry... hehe~ On the back it says, there isn't any fragrance. I have to say I disagree because I do smell the grape flavor. Even though the information isn't correct, I don't mind since it smells nice. I love grape flavor!... hehe~ I also like that the moisturizer is purple. I know that sounds weird but it makes me feel that it really is made from grape... lol~ :D

* It claims to have antioxidant and anti-wrinkle.
* Smells like grape.
* Little goes a long way.
* Moisturizing.
* It's purple.
* Can easily purchase it from Walgreens.

* Don't see the effects of the antioxidant and anti-wrinkle.
* People who don't have Walgreens cannot purchase it.

Would I buy this again? Yes, only for the summer.

 4/5 Tobey's Paws

I haven't been buying things lately for several reasons, but I couldn't resist on this one... hehe~
When I saw this on Forever 21 website, I thought it was cute and that was about it. Then I saw a girl wearing this ring on her YouTube video and I knew I needed it... hehe~ I'm so glad I got the last one in my size... wheee~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


ndoodles said...

I have the exact same thought about this product. I don't know though - I got the night cream one so it might be slightly different - but I enjoy it! I really like the grapey smell too :)

Blovet Beauty said...

oh nice review. Dee got me one and I haven't used it yet. I might just use it on my drier days as recommended!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hehe...funny how it's supposed to be fragrance free but you smell grape. XP Great to hear your skin is loving it. And I freaking heart that cute ring!

P.S Haha....your comment made me laugh XP I am sure it is so NOT true! I'm pretty terrible with reading actually. Which explains why I read fun stuff that don't require a lot of brain cells!

Jannie said...

the ring is so adorable. :D love all the bling all around the bow. i'm glad you found one in your size. the last one too. that was a lucky find. :D

yay! that's good news walgreens carries merlot grape seed moisturizer. i might eventually try it out. i like going to walgreens when i can't find something at CVS. hehehe... that's what i love about walgreens. they have a lot of cool stuff. :D i like how you mentioned the moisturizer smells like grape. i like the grape scent too. i remember liking the grape flavored flinstones vitamins as well. when justin has those (he sometimes has those or the gummy-vites), i like treating myself to the grape vitamins. hehehe...

aww... what a coincidence how the sanrio store in your area closed too. i'm sad about their store closing. i think a few locations still has them. my friend said she saw one in ontario mills. there's also one in horton plaza at downtown SD. i wanted to go in, but they were about to close for the night.

pochacco is CUTE. :D i think i remember having stationery with him in it. my favorite was pekkle. i think he was a duck or bird. i forgot. of course, hello kitty all time. oh yeah, i liked twin stars too, but they kinda disappeared.

lol. i feel that way about the camera on my phone too. sometimes swatches look the same. i'm pretty sure your lip swatches will look nice. i trust the color quality on a real camera after all, which you have. i rely on my blackberry to take all my pics. the new phone has a better camera, but not as great as a real camera. i know i've been stalling to get one. hahaha...

when i moved around, i haven't really kept in touch with anyone. probably because i was kinda young and lazy to write letters. thank goodness for the internet. i started keeping in touch with old school friends probably like when internet started to become popular. then there's facebook. i'm glad there is. it's easier to keep in touch. i'm pretty bad too when it comes to keeping in touch. i'm too lazy to snailmail and emails. i'm pretty good with talking on the phone though. i prefer that over text or chat. hehehe... it's always fun talking to people and sharing a laugh with them. :D

i don't think you are the worst at keeping in touch. you're actually the best one to leave me comments. :D that's a good form of keeping in touch. :D

With Love, Elle said...

i love anything bows!!!! especially if its blink blink too~ forever21 always got the cutest u have diva? the accessories shop?

xoxo elle
ps: yup falsies really make a huge difference but i only recently learn how to put them on nicely lol practise!

Luna said...

ooh grape smell sounds yummy! Too bad I can't get this here.. it looks pretty good =)

Jannie said...

hi, alyssa! wow, do i miss blogger. hehehe... i haven't been blogging for like almost a week now. sorry it's been quite long. been stressed, busy, and tired. had relatives visit and we took them around for a tour here in SD. well, not all over. it was really fun, but tiring. i've been sleeping ridiculously early. lol.

i know why pochacco was or maybe still is your favorite. because he's a doggie just like tobey. :D he's very cute. :) i love how his stationery had checkers all over it.

banana flavor is yummy too. i love banana flavored ice cream and pudding. :D speaking of pudding, i should buy some. i haven't eaten some in a while.

wow. talking on the phone is a good idea. we should. i'm pretty good on minutes, so i can be called any time of day as long as i'm off. texting hurts my fingers and i feel it's kinda like a teenager thing to do. lol. as for chatting, well, that hurts my eyes. can't stand being in front of the computer for a long time with stuff like "LOL" and "haha" being scrolled to my face. hehehe...

oh yeah, i read your email, btw. i will reply soon. i actually saw it on my phone. i was like, "yay! an email from alyssa!" :D thanks for emailing me. looking forward to replying too. take care. :)

Slowbrogal said...

Oh my!! You tempted me to get the Merlot Grape Seed moisturizer..

Diane said...

Your ring is too cute, I think it was a great purchase.

I've seen reviews of the Merlot moisturizer in many places too but kinda alway just skiped over them. Your review is the first one I've read from beginning to end. So now I actually want to try it! I have to finish a moisturizer I already have before buying another one. =(

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good moisturizer!

oh i miss your Korean cooking 101 posts hehe

Jannie said...

WHOA! i see a new layout here. :D it's very beautiful. the colors are REFRESHING. :D i love it, alyssa. :D

lol. the baby with the chubby cheeks is my niece, bella. hehe... she's really fun to play with. i love carrying her around even though she's a bit heavy. hehehe... justin LOOOOVES her. he's been playing with her and my niece and nephew on vacation this summer. :)

oh yeah, i should've looked for guilt by association on my last trip to the CCO. next time i go, i'll look. i'll make sure the mean lady isn't there. luckily i've only seen her once. whenever i go there, i always see a blonde lady who's really nice.

thank you so much for messaging me for your phone number. i just messaged you mine too. sorry it took me just today to respond to both your message and comment. i'm trying to get back on track with everything.

how was your trip to vegas? you must've had fun there. i can imagine how cool it is to watch a tae kwon do competition. how did your niece do, btw?

it must've been tiring coming back from there since it's a long drive. this summer, it probably was super-hot there too.

think i remember chibi the other dog from sanrio. was she brown? i dunno. gosh. there are so many animal characters. hehehe... i remember choco cat too. lol. :D

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