Monday, June 14, 2010

Finished Products May 2010

It's kind of strange coming back to post. :/ I don't know why though... lol~ I feel like so much has happened in my life that I shouldn't be writing this. :X Okay, I'm weird... lol~ :P

Anyways, I'm kind of late but it's still good. I'm going to talk about my "Empty Products of the Month of May."
L'oreal Volume Shocking Mascara

I did a review of this (click here to read it) and I still stand with that opinion. I was actually glad to finish this. Okay, I didn't finish it but got rid of it since I used it for three months... hehe~

Would I buy this again? I doubt it. :X

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion

I received this sample size and was glad to use it! Since I'm allergic to oxybenzone, this is a good sunblock for me. If you're looking for sunscreen that doesn't give a white sheen, then this isn't for you... hehe~ :P I'm happy with this but I think they changed the product unfortunately. I actually like this better than the new formula. :X

Would I buy this again? I would have if I could find it... hehe~

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

My makeup buddy gave me this (click here to read the post), and it took like a year and half to finish it. This was the only top coat I used and loved it!!! I'm really impatient when it comes to painting my nails. I cannot just sit there and let it dry. Since this dries within couple of minutes, it was perfect for me. Towards the end of using this, I needed a nail polish thinner. I still think it's worth it even though the consistency can get thick!... hehe~ :) I didn't get a back up because I'm trying to get rid of the other top coats I have *sigh*.

Would I buy this again? Of course!!!

Healing Garden Relax Therapy Green Tea

I got this from a friend. It came in a set and actually liked it. I thought I wouldn't like the smell but it wasn't bad!... hehe~ I love body wash that gives me foamy texture. It feels like I'm actually being clean for some odd reason. It's me more than anything... lol~ :P

Would I buy this again? Yes.

That's the only thing for me, but Tobey wanted to chip in with the "Empty Products of the Month" for May... lol~
He definitely got a good use with that doll... lol~ :P

I going to end with a video. I hope it cheers you guys up as much as it does me!... hehe~

I saw this ice cream for dogs beginning of this year (click here to read a post about this) and decided to get Tobey one. I didn't know what to expect, therefore, I video taped it. He loved it a lot!!!... lol~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except the ones I mentioned. I received them as gifts. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Jannie said...

awww... how cute. tobey's dog ice cream video. looks like he liked it a lot. what flavor did he get? it looks yummy. :D oh, and i kinda laughed at his contribution for the empty products of may. hehehe...

thanks for the bangs compliment. :D i'm waiting for them to grow a little though. i cut them too short. they're taking quite a while to grow. hehehe... you mentioned you have a smaller forehead. i wish i had that. it looks nice when all the hair is pulled back. it's cute. :) i kinda look bald when i pull my hair back. hahaha...

i liked seche vite too. it's too bad it spilled all over my traincase. i was nuts enough to leave the lid open without knowing it. no wonder why my mom noticed some funky paint smell coming from my room. it was that. i miss it. maybe on my next trade secret trip, i'll get it again. :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lol at tobey's toy!

charlie loves ice cream too! what's worst is that he loves chocolate! but of course i can't give him chocolate whenever i buy ice cream, i make sure that it's something that he can eat.

i have wanted the seche vite top coat ever since i heard of it but i can't find a place to buy it here...

i wish that i would be able to try it since most people who have used it says that it is indeed a keeper!

hope you'll have a lovely week,hun

Aradani said...

lol omg tobey's doll! I still have to get around to trying seche vite. I think I'll be trying it soon since my opi topcoat is finally dying. I can't believe just how many good reviews it gets.

Leenda said...

AWw poor stuffed animal. lol =(

ndoodles said...

Oh ha ha Tobey - way to play with your toy.

Jannie said...

now i know why tobey liked the yogurt ice cream a lot. it's peanut butter. :D i love peanut butter too. i love it next to chocolate and caramel. i don't even mind having all three together. hehehe... :D

hmm... my forehead isn't big. i sometimes think it's wide though. i do know that i have wide jaws, so it's a rare moment for my hair to be up. if i ever do have it up, i have a few hairs sticking out to cover my jaws. in your photos, well, in the few you have of your face, it doesn't look chunky to me. :)

yeah, poor seche vite. that stuff worked like a miracle. i have a sally hansen 30-second drying top coat. it's almost as good as seche vite, but i think seche vite still dries faster. :)

Luna said...

lol.. that poor stuffed animal..

I'm confessing to being terrible by admitting I haven't managed to make a trip to the PO to send you the sheet masks I wanted to =(
I'm hoping I have time this weekend =S sorry to have kept you waiting dearie..

Dao said...

Love Tobey's empty product of the month! I had that mascara and I didn't like it either. Gave me spidery lashes :(

Jannie said...

i remember tasting a reese's type ice cream. chocolate and peanut butter. it was yummy, but it's better in a small serving. you'll get sick if it's in a bigger serving.

wow. my face is a square shape too. i know layered hair or anything face-framing will look great on us. :) i know for sure i would not get a haircut that'll go up to my chin. that's way too short.

how are the face shop top coats? are they pretty good? i remember you have some nail polish in pretty pink packaging. i was thinking it was from the face shop, but i remember what they are now. they're from etude house. those are so cute. i think they have both those brands in the philippines now too. now i know what to look for on my next trip there. it's been years. hehe...

i will answer your email very soon. take care, aly. :D

Roxy said...

omg i've been lookin gfor sublock withOUT oxybenzone! does it make you greasy?

Jannie said...

yup, reese's was pretty good. :D you know? i think ben & jerry's may have something peanut-butter-ish too, but i'm not sure. speaking of them, i just had their brownie ice cream. my mistake to eat the whole pint. i feel kinda sick. hahaha...

same here! haha... i'm impatient too when it comes to nail polish drying. i want it to dry right away. i don't like waiting around because i have other things to do. i don't want to sit and wave my hands around for a few minutes. sorry to hear you're not too crazy about the face shop one. i guess nothing really rivals seche vite. it's the best one. :D

i only saw the bottom part of your layers. i think it was the picture with the flat-iron in it. they looked pretty. straight or curly. :) layers really do frame a round or square face nicely. i think even a bob that's up to your collarbone will look nice on you too. :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

It's great that you always use up some stuffs every month, I'm so slow on using things up. the video of Tobey is so cute! Maybe I should try to give my puppy some ice creams too :D
ryc: LOL, I wish I'm skinny :p. How are you feeling? hope you're getting better :)

Anonymous said...

awwwww Tobey is so cute with his icecream!

well done on using a lot of the stuff *pat on the back* im slowww with mine :(

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, Tobey's so cute! My dog loves ice cream too but I've never bought the doggie kind before...hehe. *giggles* I love his empty product of the month. XD I am with you on the Seche Vite. It rocks! Thanks for sharing with us. =D

P.S Yep, those are some of my loves...hee hee.

Jannie said...

yup, NYX lipglosses sure are LOVE. :D i have quite a few myself. every time i go to fashion 5, i have to get a couple since they're just $1.99 each. plus, i love the colors and they kinda have a citrusy taste to them. :D

the kabuki brush sure is nice and soft. i love it. :D i was kinda skeptical at first about sephora brushes because i read people's reviews that they shade. maybe that could be the old ones. this one did not shed a single hair. hehehe... my ulta one shed a few hairs on the first couple washes. it does not shed anymore though, but i hate how it gets prickly.

ice cream cravings aren't so bad every once in a while. it won't be bad to treat yourself. especially in this heat. why not? plus, it's YUMMY too. hehehe... yeah, tobey's peanut butter yogurt ice cream got me to buy some ben & jerry's yesterday. hehehe...

yeah, i remember complaining about seche vite's thickness at first. i don't mind it at all as time went by. plus, the thickness doesn't really show on the polish. what is good about thick is that you can put pretty much one dip of polish in like all five nails. you don't have to keep dipping your brush in the nail polish bottle. i thought that'll save up a lot of topcoat...well, until i was senile enough to forget about the lid and let it all spill. hehehe...

curly/wavy hair does look cute on you. :) you're lucky you have straight hair. i have to spend minutes with the iron to achieve straight hair. mine isn't stick straight and it sometimes gets big. that's why i have to blowdry it whenever i go out. otherwise, i'd have a big mushroom. lol.

Jannie said...

lol. i'm gonna kick myself for getting myself and now probably others confused. i got the prices of the NYX glosses confused with the false eyelashes i normally get. my bad. it's the false eyelashes that are $1.99 each. NYX glosses in my area run at $2.50. well, $2.50 still isn't bad. geez... sorry about the mis-info there. :P oh, i might've been thinking of jordana lipliners at walgreens too. those are $1.99. lol.

tobey sure does a good job at influencing people to buy stuff. how can you not buy ice cream after seeing a handsome, adorable dog enjoying one? he would make a great dog model. :) yup, go give him a hug. :D

i know a lot of asians have straight hair. i wish i had that. my hair isn't curly, but i have to straighten it anyway with an iron if i want it perfectly straight. yup, there are asians with curly hair too. my mom's hair is naturally curly. i always thought black, straight, shiny hair is really pretty. :)

Jannie said...

awww... thank you so much for justin's compliments. :D he loves hearing that he's a big boy. hehehe... my co-workers teased me that he's almost my height. well, maybe in three years, he'll get there. lol.

about the award, you are very welcome. :) nahhh... you haven't been bad when it comes to blogging. your updates have been rather generous. there was a time when i did not post for a couple months. well, that's because i did not have internet at the time.

haha... yeah, i've been seeing the lakers' victory on facebook. lol. pretty much everyone is happy. i even got a text from a co-worker about the lakers winning too. congrats to them. :D

aww... glad you gave tobey a hug. :D he's a cute, cute dog with the most beautiful fur ever. :D i love its shininess. :D

yup, healthy hair sure is important. and yes, it's all that matters. :) i'm happy it's not dry as it used to be. i remember in high school it was so horrible. i don't think my hair got along with the philippines weather very much. that's why i had to keep it short back then. your hair looks very healthy too. plus, it's shiny. :)

Diane said...

Aww your dog is so cute! Haha he looks like he really liked the ice cream. Congrats on finishing products, I'm trying very hard to finish items before I buy anything new. Are you going to IMATS?

Kamilly Almeida said...

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