Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Tobey!!!

On Saturday, it was Tobey's 10th birthday. I can't believe he's been with us this long *sigh*. Time sure flies when you're with love ones... hehe~
I don't know if it's a day he enjoys it or not... lol~ My guess is the first since I abuse him with tons of cute things. For example, the picture above with the birthday hat... lol~ :X He looks adorable and calm, but trust me it took awhile to take this picture.

After I took pictures of him with his birthday hat, I gave him his birthday gift. I actually video taped it... lol~ :X

If you hear a female voice that says "happy birthday Tobey" and "it's a spider," that's me... lol~ I usually try not to talk in the video, because I sound like Donald Duck with my squeaky voice. :'( Now you know how I sound like... eek~ :X

Couple of days before Tobey's birthday, I went to Petco to get his birthday gift. While I was looking around, I noticed in the clearance section they had Halloween costumes on sale. Unfortunately, they had none in his size (XL) and the largest one I found was in large (only one left). I just couldn't refuse and thought I can work with what I have... lol~
He's a lady bug... lol~ He wasn't happy with me that day!!! :X

I was asked long time ago by Emilita if I can take a picture of one of the Zoya nail polishes on my hand (click here to read my post on the Zoya nail polishes I got). I told her I will when fall comes around, because I doubt I'll wear the color during the summer. Of course, I was correct and I finally wore this nail polish this week... hehe~ It's Loredana from Zoya.

I don't have any base coat and top coat on. The only color on my finger is Loredana by Zoya. If you wear matte nail polishes, it's suggested you don't use base and top coat. ;)

I guess I'm not use to matte nail polishes, because I added a top coat afterwards... hehe~

I'm going to end with my hair accessories I bought from Forever 21. I honestly thought I was done with my addiction with ribbon/bow headbands, but it seems like I'm not... lol~ :X
When I saw this, I fell in love. I really need help stop buying hair accessories!!! :X
I debated if I should get this bow hair pins, and decided I like it way too much not too... lol~ :X


Hang said...

Hello! I've been a daily reader of your blog but I never comment...but I just had to with this post...Tobey looks so handsome and I enjoyed the video :) Happy birthday Tobey!

I love the f21 headbands too, but they all see too small for my big head lol

Blair said...

Happy Birthday Tobey!!! He looks so sweet with his birthday hat on =D

You have to show us a picture of you wearing your headbands or pins! ;D

Dao said...

Happy birthday, Tobey!

Daituf said...

niiiice, more headbands and bows...and headbands with bows are the best :P
Happy Birthday Tobey!!!

Jnie said...

Happy birthday Tobey!
I love how the spider squeaked, he looked at it then pounced with the tail wagging :)

My baby's birthday is coming up next month too. Just wondering, do you have any experience making a doggy cake?

Aww... at the lady bug costume.

izumi said...

so much grey! i love it :) and awwww tobey is way too cute<3 i love that you dress him up and give him actual presents, all wrapped up.. tooo cuteeee <3 and btw your voice sounds fine! no worries :D

ndoodles said...

How do you like the matte nail polish??

Toby is adorable! Ha ha - I love dressing my dog up but he always manage to get out of it some how!

Askmewhats said...

Belated happy 10th birthday to Tobey!!!! :)
The cut of your nails look really pretty :) I love headbands as much as you do too :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

he's so cute!i have to do that to my dog too..hehe

lol at tobey every time he hears the squeaking noise.hehehe
Charlie is also like that..& also at how the way he stretched.

the hair accessories looks cute. i love the hair pin

Fabuless Beauty said...

Happy Birthday Tobey! He's so cute!

Jamilla Camel said...

You and Tobey are both adorable!! I love his outfits and your hairbands!

FriendzCentury said...

A Big Happy Birthday to Tobey!!
A nice haul you have there too, a girl can never have enough hair accessories hehe.

gio said...

Happy birthday Tobey! He's adorable!

Jani said...

Haha Toby is so cute opening up his present! i have small pups and when I give them anything, if it's not edible they usually look at me like an idiot for giving them something they can't eat!

Happy Birthday Toby!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Happy happy Birthday Tobey!! I totally agree that time positively flies by when we are enjoying ourselves with loved ones..and time crawls when we are working! hahaha
those bows are adorable,esp the hairband

Vanessa M. said...

awe! how adorable! happy bday toby!!! he looks so good for his age! not a day over 6 ;)

Karly said...

Happy belated birthday to Tobey!
The video is so cute.

Jian said...

Ahhh! I'm so late, but belated happy birthday tobey! He really doesn't look 10! He looks much younger =D I wish him many happy and healthy years to come!!

Ahleessa said...

Hang: I hope you got my comment on your blog! :)

Ahleessa said...

Jani: Thank you for commenting on my blog! :) I clicked on your profile and noticed you don't have a blog. For that reason, I'm commenting here... hehe~

Tobey, for some odd reason, he likes ripping paper. Actually he likes ripping things period... lol~ I call him my paper shredder. For that reason, I wrapped his gift... hehe~

Thank you for wishing him a happy birthday! I'm sure he will appreciate it. :)

Ahleessa said...

Karly: Thank you for wishing him a happy birthday!!! I'm sure he will appreciate it... hehe~ :)

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