Monday, November 16, 2009

Annabelle Look, Kogi, Get Shaved Ice, and Freebie

When I received my surprise package from Canada (click here to read the post), I was extremely excited to see two Annabelle eyeshadows! I've been curious about these eyeshadows for some time. I played around with these the next day... lol~
The first one I received is in So Foxy. It's a matte brown color.
The second color is Bronzed Idol. It's such a gorgeous bronze! I don't know how she knew I've been into bronze eyeshadow lately... hehe~ She's a great mind reader!
I swatched the eyeshadow on my hand. The one on the left is Bronzed Idol and the right one is So Foxy.
I did a look with these two eyeshadows. I used the Bronzed Idol on the lid and So Foxy on the crease. I think they came out great. I like it a lot!... wheee~ :)

Thank you again friend!!! :)

I usually don't post what I eat, but I thought I would with these two places. I think they're just a fun place to blog about... hehe~
The first place I tried is the Kogi truck. They drive all around Southern California and you get to try unique Korean BBQ style dishes. They have a website where you can see where they will be for the week, as well as, their menu (click here for the website).
I ordered the Pacman Special and 1 Short Ribs Taco. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the Short Rib Taco... lol~ :X I was too busy eating. I definitely recommend the Short Rib Taco. That was delicious!!! :)

The second place is Get Shaved Ice truck. It's a highly recommended place and #1 restaurant in Los Angeles area on the Yelp website. ;) They too also have a website that will tell you where they will be for the week, as well as, their menu (click here for the website).

By the way, the little boy gave a look of shock when I took this picture... lol~ It's so funny!
I ordered Monkey Brains. On the bottom they have vanilla ice cream with ice on top of it. They flavored the ice with strawberry, banana, and condensed milk. It's so delicious!!!... wheee~

I'm going to end this post with a freebie from Aveda.
It's a Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash. You just need to print out a copy (click here for the print out) and take it with you to the Aveda store. It expires 1/31/2010. ;)


Anonymous said...

ooooh nice nice~
actually seeing your eotd, made me wonder if bronzed idol was close to a stila baked shadow that I have...
sooo im off to check that out XD
never heard of this shaved icecream thingy...and it has be intrigued! lol oooh monkey brains...never thought id ever say it, but DANG it look good :D

Vanessa M. said...

what a pretty brown! and yumm yumm food!

Yin said...

wow. lovely EOTD. =D

and you get korean food by truck? THATS AMAZING. we don't get that here. Im so envious. =D

Blair said...

Yum, your burger looks delish!!!

Isn't it weird that we both posted about shaved ice??? hahaha

I'll try doing a cut crease look again soon! Yours always turn out looking amazing!

FriendzCentury said...

The Annabelle eyeshadows look fab on you, so natural and very versatile to use. Your food pics are making me hungry again and I've just had dinner LOL!

Blovet Beauty said...

i bet the aveda rosemary mint hand and body wash smells divine.. i am a sucker for anything with a rosemary scent! and Could I pls have a taste of monkey BRAINS??? my gawd... u always have a blog that makes me crave food & more eyeshadow colors

ⓚ☪ said...

finally saw the hard candy items yesterday, it might have been there last week and I just missed it, hehe. Who knows.. I want to get the e/s duos and blush but its a lil pricey for drugstore brand and I really don't need anymore stuff do i? I just can't justify my purchases right now. I gotta try to Kogi beef sometime, glad you enjoyed it. I just hate to wait in line. I will try to get some new post out shortly.

Jannie said...

once i buy some more hard candy, i will definitely make a post on them. :)

the annabelle eyeshadows are so pretty. my favorite is the second one. kinda reminds me of a cross between tempting and honey lust. i love the color. i love how annabelle has vibrant colors. i wish we could have it too here in cali. :)

wow. delicious food. i'd love to try the short rib taco and kogi. now i'm hungry AGAIN. hehe... take care. :)

gio said...

Love the look you did. The Annabelle eyeshadows look so natural and gorgeous on you.

Yummy food too.

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