Monday, August 17, 2009

Zoya Haul and Swatches

Wow I didn't realize the last time I blogged was in July. Time sure flies!... lol~

Anyways, couple of weeks ago I bought 6 nail polishes from Zoya. They had a promotion going on when they reached 5000 followers on Twitter (click here for Zoya twitter account); buy 3 nail polishes and only pay for shipping $6.95. I couldn't refuse since each nail polish would be around $2.30 each. That's a pretty good deal!... hehe~ ;) Here's what I got...
(L-R: Drew, Cassi, Midori, Harley, Ki "posted", Loredana)

Now for the swatches...
I'm wearing this right now on my toes, and it's a gorgeous mauve color! :)

Gorgeous pinkish-peach color!

I'm wearing this right now on my fingers. Love it! :)

Gorgeous grayish-silver color. I can't wait to try this for the fall!

Loredana (matte):
Pretty charcoal color. I think it'll look great for the fall!

That's my Zoya haul, and I believe they have a new promotion coming up this week. Check their twitter!!! ;)

This past Friday I went to J-town with my friend, her daughter, and her friend from high school who was visiting her. I bought some stuff... eek~
I needed a new make-up remover tissues since I finished the box of Geo tissues I had (click here for the review on Geo). I have never tried this brand but my friend said the cucumber one was good. I decided to buy the aloe one since it was the last box they had. It must be popular or they didn't restock the aloe one. I would like to think the first... hehe~ :P
I also bought this Hello Kitty bag. I just couldn't refuse with the 50% off deal... wheee~ :)


Kalmo said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere lol. I love your nail polishes! I really want Harley, it's looks like glittering cement, so cool. I have Ki now and it's great because it looks like a pool of gasoline (changes colors). I haven't gotten into the new matte trend this season because I hear the chip really fast. Look forward to more of your updates.

ⓚ☪ said...

pretty cassi! yuck, ads nex to the post comment button, haha. No one can resist sales!!!!

Beauty Snap said...

Wow you got a great deal on the Zoya polishes!! I also hauled on Zoya way back in April or so when they were doing that 'recycle old nail polishes' campaign to send in as many as you want. Then I picked out 7 Zoya colors and paid like $3 each. They claim that the $3 per polish is for shipping&handling but it's really not.. probably..
Anyway great haul and loving your picks!

izumi said...

so much cuteness! loving the polishes you picked out :)

ndoodles said...

Very cute bag!

Oh lucky on that discount on the nail polish! I've always wanted to try them but I'll have to wait again for maybe another promotion.

Askmewhats said...

You are right Ally on time flying too fast!!! I love the matte Zoya polish, it looks hot! but I'm not sure, probably if I wore it, I'll still top it with a glossy top coat hahaha I guess I'm still not used to it :)

Hope you're doing well :) And regards to Tobey :)

Kalmo said...

Hi Ahlessa!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. ^^ My brother calls me Kalmo because my real name is Kalford. I was named after California and President Ford--- for realz! LOL So he calls me Kalmo and my friends call me Kali or Kal. haha

Jnie said...

Oooh...great deal.

Do you like the matt polish? I'm dying to get my hands on some.

Blair said...

I love all the colours that you picked!!! I was a bigger nail polish fan a few years back, now not so much (thank god!). I can save a few pennies this way lol ;p

I am only getting an eyeliner from Kate... I want me some Majolica Majorca stuff hahaha

Aww... how are your nieces?

gio said...

welcome back! That's a great deal on the polishes. They all look gorgeous esp Midori and Drew!

And what a cute bag too!

Blair said...

Before wanting Lunasol, I wanted MQ LOL... I'm still very much in love with Lunasol, it's just that it isn't released over here yet =( I was actually tempted to buy one of their spring palettes when I was at their counter during the weekend, BUT I forgot my wallet. Thank god I didn't actually say that I wanted the palette before discovering that I didn't bring my wallet out - that would have been mortifying.

I have no idea who Haha is ;p A friend sent me that song and I liked it, so I sent it to you =D

Yay for your nails looking good! Mine are looking pretty crappy but I don't care hahaha

Blair said...

My desire to be fairer only grows stronger, it'd never fade hahaha

I heard very good things on SUQQU palettes, but I'd rather get a Lunasol because
1. SUQQU is N/A here
2. SUQQU is more expensive (cheapskate me ;p)

I'll only go back to the Lunasol counter when the fall collection is in - I requested for their number hahaha! The SA was asking me about the fall collection and all. I can't believe that I was more knowledgeable than her =(

Initially she thought that I wanted a Coffret palette and she showed me the goodies that I'd get if I purchased it. I was super tempted after looking at those freebies but I remembered in time that I prefer shadows that are more pigmented (and I need to save my money if I want a Lunasol palette ;p)

Blair said...

I don't really use flash cos I usually take photos in the evening facing the sunlight. Natural light makes me look fair (and lovely ;p) I think you'll get a shock if you see my real colour hahaha

You don't like being light? May I know why? But maybe you weren't teased like I was/am for being dark. My high school teacher saw my mum recently and she asked about me and she described me to my mum as the thin dark one =(

I'll call the Lunasol counter next month and bug them!!! Are you planning on getting anything from them?

Blair said...

Ahh, my wallet is super thin right now too! No more buying except for a Lunasol palette in the foreseeable future.

How mean of them!!! I hate it when people criticize my weight =(

I'm now excitedly waiting for a parcel to come! *crosses fingers and toes* I'll have a tiny collection of Japanese drugstore palettes when it comes. Quite a big improvement from a few months back (I think it was May?) when I only had one hahaa

Jo said...

cute bag ahleesa! and i really like that matte charcoal nail polish color. it's so different!

Blair said...

A pact sounds fantastic! Lets start next month? Malaysia is on sale til the end of the month hahaha

Oooh I didn't buy those Japanese palettes. A friend is sending them to me as a belated birthday present. I e-mailed the links to him and said 'Buy these!' hahaha. He said he has paid but he's generally very inefficient so I doubt it lol.
Initially he was supposed to send some headbands to me, but he procrastinated and when he finally decided to order, he found out that the shipping fees was really outrageous so he said that he'd rather buy eyeshadows for me hahaha. If he told me earlier, I would have bought some headbands when I was at a F21 store last week. I have the pictures but no headbands *sob*

I just added a Lavshuca duo (Dual Eyes GN-1) to my collection. My sister went to Taiwan recently and she got me that =D

Blair said...

Yup! From 1st Sept! Maybe til 1st Nov? Would you like our pact to end earlier since I think you may need to purchase Christmas gifts?

I'm thinking everything from makeup, skin care, hair care to nail polishes. Exceptions can be done when an item is finished and you don't have an extra for it for example, facial cleanser or something like that or when someone sends you a love package and you want to send something back to them. Is this fair? What do you think? Please add more rules to our pact hehee!

Everything is my weakness especially concealers ;D I'll have to go out next weekend and buy me some stuff to tide me for this drought lol. This weekend I'm staying at home to watch Japanese series!

Things that are bought earlier but reaching next month or in October doesn't count of course =D Oh dear, I thought that you were super into nail polishes because you keep posting about them hahaa.

Truthfully, I was very surprised because my sister bought the wrong palettes. I wanted other ranges =( And after hearing that she bought the wrong palettes, she snatched one of them (the prettier one of course -.-) and said that the other one is for me. Shock was the understatement of the century! *sighs* But one is better than none, so yeah =D

Blair said...

LOL, I don't know! What do you want to happen if we fail?

It's super fun to have a makeup buddy who lives near you. You guys can go shopping together! Is she on blogger?

My sister is more into clothes than cosmetics. She was complaining that I don't need so many eyeshadows since I only have two eyes. You would have thought that I wasn't paying her for the palettes from the way she talked. Well, she only has one body, so she should need lesser new clothes right? ;p

I don't mind having brothers, they sound like so much fun! But I don't think they would have liked me much when I was younger, I was very into dolls and not into boyish games at all.

Ahh, it's still the same. Two Visee and one Integrate. I'll add a MM next week ;D

Fabuless Beauty said...

Oh! You got Cassi? I love Cassi. In fact, I'm wearing the polish now =)

Blair said...

Oooh, of course! That sounds more than fine =D I'm so envious that you guys have CCOs!! I bet you can't wait for October to come!

Can my exception be gmarket? My mother plans to order some stuff and I wanna join in hahaha ;p

Sandiebaby~ said...

zoya polishes seem to be so much better than essie ones. well that's what my friend told me .. too bad they dont even stock essie or zoya in sydney :(

this is random, but ive been loving yukkhae.. i think that's how u spell it. it's raw beef with egg in the middle and u mix it together..

Anonymous said...

ahhh they are ALL so pretty XD
great choices~!

How did you find the wear on them tho?

Sandiebaby~ said...

thank you for the early bday wish :) im actually looking forward to my bday although my bf wouldnt be there due to university purposes :( he will come few weeks after hehe..

oh... really? i love bossam too. im a monster when it comes to korean food. lols. its pretty embarassing really.... teehee... ^^

the only ones that ive seen are opi nail polishes. theyre just so-so.

Blair said...

LOL, do you wanna draft something up? Then we can both post it on our blogs in the beginning of September?

Arghhh, failing is embarrassing especially IF it happens very soon. Do you want to cut short our pact? Like a month or a month and a half so that you can shop at the CCO without feeling too guilty?

Oh yeah, can you read Korean? Do you mind translating some info on VOV's wash off masks for me? I can't find any info in English and the Korean ones are all in pictures... Google/Babelfish can't translate them =(

Blair said...

Logo? Wow, that sounds impressive! Hopefully I can create a presentable looking one. Okay then, a 2 months pact =D

Ahhh, dang, I wanted to buy those masks but I didn't know which to choose.

Blair said...

Oooh, I had the same idea! I was thinking a black background for our logo since our blogs are both black and maybe words in blues and pinks cos you like blues and I like pinks... And I wanted the words to be in a circle (like those exit signs) but I haven't figured how to do that... And maybe add in some cutesy pictures of bows or something... I dunno. What do you think?

Yep, only one (big) order from gmarket ;p Wash off masks from VOV because everyone likes them. And, I wanted to ask you: Should I get a Korean foundation?

That sounds like a good idea! It is embarrassing enough to make me stick to the rules haha

Vanessa M. said...

missed you princess! i love that grey!

Blair said...

I think I'll get the foundation since it isn't expensive and I only have one other liquid foundation (Angelfit) that suits me right now.

It's good that you're starting our no buy early! I feel like getting some Japanese stuff like an Esprique Precious palette or maybe some Susie NY and Kiss stuff - they are cheaper and I can get more value for my money. I better decide before the 31st though haha

Emilita said...

I just got my first Zoya polishes, and looking through their brochure of other options I fell in love with Loredana...please show us when you use it!

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