Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog Sale

I went through my beauty items and decided I needed to get rid of the things I don't use anymore. Plus I have way too many cosmetics for someone who isn't even an artist *sigh*. :X I'll start slow and maybe add more as time goes on. :) I don't know... lol~ It all depends how this goes.

Ordering Information:
If you have any questions or want any of the products listed for sale, contact me through e-mail at Aly_4Realz(at)hotmail(dot)com.

* I only accept PayPal.
* If you contact me and want the items, you have one day to pay me or it goes to the next person waiting.
* Shipping within the US:
- $3 with tracking.
- $0.50 for each additional items.
* Shipping outside of the US:
- $5 without tracking.
- $1 for each additional items.


Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
(L-R: Orange, Cherry, Yellow, French Fries, Lavendar, Cottage Cheese, Pots & Pans, Gold)
Some of them I never used. The others I used once or twice.
New (Orange, Cherry, Yellow, Lavendar (SOLD), Cottage Cheese): $2 each
Used (French Fries, Pots & Pans, Gold): $1 each

For All: $10

Single Eyeshadow
(L-R: Highlight (SOLD), Chick, Red Head, Velvet Blue)
Sale Price: $2.50 each
For All: $8

Trio Eyeshadow
TS32 Olive Grove
I used this only once.
Sale Price: $4

Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow
(L-R: Bronze Pearl, Gold Pearl)
I swatches once or twice.
Sale Price: $3.25 each
For All: $6

Mosaic Powder Blush
I used this twice.
Sale Price: $4.25

Minerals Blush with Brush
I used it once and it still has a brand new brush.
Sale Price: $3

Jesse's Girl:
Color My World Eyeshadow
(L-R: Earthtone, Evergreen, Volcanic)
I used this twice the most.
Sale Price: $2.50 each

Wear Infinite Eyeshadow
Shroom Shimmer
I only swatched it twice.
Sale Price: $1

It doesn't have any name. :/
I used this once.
Sale Price: $2.50 each

L.A. Colors:
5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow
I swatched these twice.
Sale Price: $2

Hard Candy:
Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette
I used this once and swatched it twice.
Sale Price: $3

Estee Lauder:
Silky Eyeshadow Duo
I swatched it twice.
Sale Price: $1.50

Smashing Lipglosses
(T-B: VIP Room, Will Call)
Brand new, never open.
Sale Price: $4 each

Smashing Lip Pencil
Smashing Loft
Brand new, never open.
Sale Price: $1.50 For All: $8

Mineralize Eyeshadow
I swatched twice.

Prorance (Korean brand):
White Beige
I used this once.
Sale Price: $3


Blair said...

Good luck in your sale!

I have more or less decided on what to get - sorry no clown look, I'm much too vain for that hahaha

VOV, Cathy Cat or Lotree or any other brand that's cheap and good. Any recommendations?

ndoodles said...

Aw. I so interested in the Mai Tai blush and the baked shadows - Too bad I've exceeded my make up budget :(

Kalmo said...

Good luck on your blog sale Ahleessa! :D

Blovet Beauty said...

this sale of urs is really tempting... arghh.... all those NYX stuff!! gd luck on ur sale!

Blair said...

I wish I can! I don't have a full length mirror though =(

Really? Maybe you should sell your MAC stuff. I think that would sell very well ;p Nah, all joking aside, your potential buyers are still making up their minds cos this is a massive blog sale! =D

I can sort of imagine your collection now and it's very huge ;p

Anonymous said...

holy moly!
look at all that nyx~
ack, gotta pay off tuition from last semester with the cheque I finally received from all the camping...but if its still there, i might have to hunt you for them :P

I only have the glamsicle collection from zoya, so its just sparkle glitter clear i didn't notice that. All I really noticed was that it lasted MUCH longer than the ChG, so I end up putting a layer of Zoya on top of the ChG to help the chipping (seeing as Seche Vite still doesn't work well for me :T).

Jo said...

hey ahleesa! just noticed your sale blog and i am desperate to find the manish arora palette ... if you happen to have one and are selling i WILL BUY!! hehe sorry to be a pain. keeping my eyes wide open on your page!

Blair said...

Sweetie, check your e-mail for the logo! It's my first draft =)

Nah asking my sis to take pics is more of a hassle than a help hahaha

Sad? No way! I love a huge collection!! Mine is puny =(

Kalmo said...

Hi Ahleessa!

Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm glad you liked my smile and did not have a heart attack at seeing my naked face! LOL Yes, let's support each other on the no-buy challenge! I think it will be very rewarding for our strength of will power in the end. :D

Blair said...

I use more products than what I wrote in my tag... I couldn't think of a category to put them in for example Savlon cream haha

Yay, glad that you like the logo! I'll go play with the colours more and I'll send you the final version soon.

So... how much makeup do you have left? 95%? ;p

Blair said...

I did! Just replied like 5 minutes ago haha

Savlon is an antiseptic cream. I have itchy fingers - I'll do my own extractions haha. Nic Nic has been using it and she likes it, so I got a tube to try =D

Maybe you can do a swap with someone from Asia? I think they'd jump at the chance for some American cosmetics =D

Dare I ask how many lip stuff do you own? ;p

Blair said...

I MUST press my pimple if I see it, there’s no stopping me LOL. Even when I know that it WILL scar, I’ll still press it. This is my itchy fingers syndrome hahaha

But when I think about it, swapping means exchanging items – your collection will never decrease this way ;p

I WAS a lipgloss person but I converted into a lippie person recently. I’m planning to get some from Rimmel on Saturday hehee~

Blair said...

Ooops, I use Savlon to prevent my pimple from being infected and to help it heal faster. Usually used after an extraction session =D

I think P&J may be slightly cheaper in MY. The whitening serum costs US$ 45 in the US while it costs RM 145 (approximately US$ 41) here.

I'm going to buy the Asian exclusive ones! I heard that they are just like Japanese lippies - not surprising because they're formulated in Japan. And it's cheap too hahaha

Blair said...

Arghhh, your first sentence is too much! ;p

You are starting early! I'm still making a list of what to buy tomorrow wahahaa

Yeah, it's nice to have stuff like Angelfit from Maybelline and Gloss Maxx from Rimmel in Malaysia. Well, we don't have Urban Decay, NARS or Smashbox here so I really shouldn't be bragging ahaha

Blair said...

Aly, you have improved! You're even using words like HE now hahaha ;p

Clothes and accessories aren't included in our no buy right? I think you can sense a shift in my priorities for the next two months lol

I want to make more accessories with the materials that I have on hand but for now I am inspiration-less =( And the things that I make always turn out looking similar so I'm a bit anxious hahaa

Blair said...

Oops, should have phrased it differently: "You're even using the shorter form of the word high end now"

How about makeup brushes? Do they count?

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