Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marley & Me

This isn't the typical post of beauty or Korean cooking, but it's fun to post things out of the blue once in awhile... hehe~ I read this book some time ago, but I wanted to review my thoughts after seeing the movie.
Title: Marley & Me
Author: John Grogan

Price: $7.69 at Costco ($13.95 USA price on the back)

Description on the back: The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family in the making and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.

My thoughts: I've always been a dog person since I was little. Whenever there was a dog around, my parents knew where I disappeared magically... lol~ I love petting dogs, watching dog movies (Buddies series, Bolt, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, etc), and even reading dog books. When I knew they were making this book into a movie, I had to read it before I watched the movie. The book made me go through a roller coaster of emotion... lol~ It was comedic, sad, and made me think. Maybe I'm biased since I have my own lab, Tobey (click here to see all my post on Tobey) who is half, and their my favorite type of dog but I loved reading the book... hehe~ Whenever I stop reading to think, it was because I would remember Tobey doing the same thing.

* Relativeable since I have my own lab.
* Comedic scenes.
* Good for dog lovers.
* Much better than the movie.
* It's the reality of raising and losing a dog.

* It's the reality of raising and losing a dog.

Rating: 5/5 Tobey's Paws

My thoughts in relationship to the movie: They changed a lot of things in the movie compared to the book. I wasn't very pleased since the book was good itself. To be honest, I thought the book was more comedic and interesting than the movie. :X The movie wasn't also deep compared to the book. They lost the main point of what the book was about. I'll say read the book and then watch it later... hehe~

Here's the movie trailer:

I will end this review with a quote I found in the book. "Marley had earned his place in our family. Like a quirky but beloved uncle, he was what he was. He would never be Lassie or Benji or Old Yeller; he would never reach Westminster or even the county fair. We knew that now. We accepted him for the dog he was, and loved him all the more for it." The reason why this quote meant something to me is because I hear people, mostly non-pet owners, talk about the cost of raising a pet. Guess what money comes when it comes to raising anything including babies. The joy of raising your own child, as well as, pets is because they become part of your family. You love them for who they are! Tobey has become more than a dog to me. He is family!!! :)

I'm going to end this post with things I've made recently. I've been making Hello Kitty amigurumi dolls for my nieces' birthdays (April, May, and June). I only finished one but I think it came out adorable... hehe~
Now I need to make two more... lol~ I'll definitely post those when I'm done. ;) I also made hair pins for the fun of it... lol~
One of the pink and the light blue is mine. Here's how it looks in my hair... hehe~

Light blue:


credit: amazon, youtube, secret2mysuccess


Vanessa M. said...

omg! i saw this movie w my 7yr old niece and BF we were all crying :(

Yin said...

Cute bows. =) I likeee. <3
and your hair is really dark.

You should sell them? or do you already?

i finished my deadlines! FINALLYYY.

izumi said...

ah, that movie.. i watched it until it started getting sad.. then i had to leave. my pup's getting old and i couldn't stand to think about (much less WATCH) something like that. i'm glad you like the book though, maybe i should try reading it.. hmm..

cute bows :) i'm sure your niece will love the doll!

Audrie said...

how fun a book review!! I love reading too haha.
Your hello kitty crochet is soooo cute, and the bow head pins are even cuter!!! Good job :D

Violet Honeybee said...

Yahh the book was sooo good~ It made me cry in the end though =( So I was ready for it in the movie and I didn't cry! Mwahaha! But everyone around me was crying in the theatres.. even the boys!! o.o

There was quote at the end of the movie I really loved though.. damn it I can't remember it!! haha

Dao said...

Although I haven't watched the movie, I really love the book. I even cried my eyeballs out at the end when Marley died. Some people do not like this book though, to them it's just a stupid dog book (and I don't understand!)

Your HK doll is so cute! Mind if I ask where you get the pattern? I would probably make one for myself :)

spankedelic said...

you did a wonderful job on your hello kitty doll. it's soooooo cute! and your poupee girl is looking cute. i haven't joined yet! i don't know when i'd have time to get ribbons. hehe but i want to join eventually!

kawaiikao said...

i'm too scared of watching that movie!!i heard the ending is sad :[

leah said...

i have seen the movie but haven't read the book yet. i enjoyed the film and cried a lot. can relate so well. i also love labs & lost one..huhuhu..
hi tobey!

Jnie said...

I watched it this past weekend. It was entertaining and tear-wretching (at the end) but I don't think its too great of a movie. I would have love to see more bonding.

beeyoutiful7 said...


your BOWS look SOOO ADORABLE!!!!


..I seriously dont know why ive been crazy w bows =)

I like !!!


Jo said...

ahleesa that is the cutest HK doll i have seen! especially that you made it with your own sweat and blood hehe. your neice will LOVE it for sure!

btw, how did you get the head so round? is there stuffing inside or is it all yarn?

Lily said...

is this out on dvd? i've been waiting for it to get on dvd so i can go out and rent it. i want to watch slumdog millionaire too

Ahleessa said...

leah: Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Yeah the movie was sad and so was the book. I think I cried more in the book than the movie. :X

K said...

Wow, your crochet skills ROCK!

Unfortunately UDPP is really difficult to get in Japan! It costs like $30 and it is not readily available!

M said...

I love marley and me! its one of my favorite books :) the movie was really good too!

miemiemie said...

my sis has a copy of this movie but we haven't watched it. film adaptations are usually different with the original story of the books. just look at harry potter and twilight..its always better to start with the book then watch the movie.

the hair pins are so adorable!

ning * star said...

hi dear,i'm gasping for the bow bow hair pin, they are indeed so cute... haha love them <3

Blair said...

I should learn how to crochet, those bows are the cutest!!!

I didn't watch Marley & Me, but since you said that the book is so much better, I think I'm getting the book, but but I don't wanna cry!

Oooh did you get the newest lipgloss from them? The ones with the half naked men? hahaha

I wonder how I appear in your mind, as a black bunny with a pink background? lol. I'm too shy to post a bigger picture up! That one will do for now haha.

miRaCLe said...

nice review :D
and i love the kitty and those ribbons are too cute!!! :D
can't wait to see the other birthday presents that you are working on for your nieces! :)))

Have fun crocheting! :D

ⓚ☪ from Ť ŧ Ŵįşĥ said...

The HK Amig. is soo cute!

gio said...

wow, that HK doll is sooo cute! And the ribbons are very petty too. You did a great job!

kathryn said...

the things that you crochet are soooooo cute!!!

and oh, btw, do you still want to go to chinatown? are you working next week? it's spring break! if you want to go to chinatown, let me know ok? i'm available wed-fri.

rasilla said...

jinjah! lol well they say that there are 3 other people in this world who look like i guess voices could be applied to that theory as well :)

kitty!!! great job on her :) I so want to hug her! and pinch her cheeks! lol

Ahleessa said...

Kathryn: I have to look into my schedule, but a good chance we can go... lol~

Neeyuh said...

I still haven't seen that movie but heard about it and I know I'll cry! Your hello kitty looks great and the bows are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

cute hello kitty. where'd you get the pattern? mind sharing it? =)

Ahleessa said...

Anonymous: I wish I could tell you I got the pattern from online, but I didn't unfortunately. I'm sure there's a lot of Hello Kitty patterns online. Try searching "Hello Kitty crochet pattern." I did and there were tons, but not to my tasting. I'm kind of picky with my dolls... hehe~ Sorry I wasn't much help!

Kasumi said...

The bows are soo cute!!
I wanna see that movie. It looks soo cutee.
HK looks adorable. Your Nieces will love them :)

Ada said...

are you selling those hair pins? I'd totally buy them ^^

Ahleessa said...

Ada: Every time I click on your profile, I get nothing. If you get this message, can you e-mail me? I'll sell you one if you want. :)

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