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Reviva Labs Skin Care Information

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SKIN CARE INFO by Stephen Strassler, President & Founder
March 2016
Notes From Skin Care Pros Which May Interest You

Many Aestheticians spend a good bit of time with upward movements for throat massage. Remember this each time you apply your night creams. Also apply and massage cream into your throat. And when you use Skin Toner on your face, don't forget to extend it to your throat. Also, a good throat exercise is pushing your lower lip above the upper lips (with head back) and holding the position for a minute a few times per day. Below is a thorough regimen for throat care.

For the majority of women, the neck area is one of the most neglected parts of the body. The throat area can reveal aging even when the rest of your skin looks good. Yet, next to the under-eye area, it is perhaps the first to show signs of aging. The skin of the throat is more vulnerable than that of the face. It is more fragile and with fewer sebaceous (oil) glands. Throat skin is subject to losing its elasticity... the most common reason for throat wrinkles.

To keep the throat looking clear, taunt and unlined requires proper product care, throat exercises, massage and good posture. And it is important that when using facial products (including skin tonic after cleanser, moisturizers and face masks), that you include the throat area in the application. The throat should receive daily nighttime and daytime lubrication and nourishment. Throat care has been advanced, but there are several physical factors involved, so results will vary for various individuals. For throat care, Reviva Labs has created formulations that offer a new milestone in smoothing and diminishing the look of throat wrinkles and improving skin texture and tone. We offer treatments that can strengthen both skin elasticity and muscle tone; as well as improve skin texture. Our recommended program smoothes and helps tighten throat skin for a firmer, younger-looking difference.

Recommended Daytime Program:

A) Because daytime is when most skin damage occurs, we recommend our #205, Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum on both your face and throat. Our formula features a complex of antioxidants like none other. Not only does it neutralize sun's "oxygen free radicals" but also pollution's "nitrogen free radicals". This serum, used under your daytime moisturizer or makeup is designed to zap free radicals that get though a protective moisturizer. Studies show that even a sunscreen cream does not provide full protection.
B) Over our Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum during the day be sure to use our #316, Throat & Eye Cream. Its complex formula offers both regeneration as well as protection. A light makeup application over the cream adds even more protection.

Recommended Nighttime Program:

A) Three nights a week, 5% Glycolic Acid Night/Day Cream #381 (for mild exfoliation and texturizing) under our rich, lubrication Throat & Eye Cream #316.
B) Four nights a week, DMAE Concentrate Firming Fluid #301 to improve muscle tone applied under Elastin Nigh DMAE Cream for Firming #385 (for elasticity).

If throat skin is already lined or withered, use various means to aid stimulation and product nourishment. For example, as part of your morning and night cleansing, be sure to use #103, Skin Tonic or #183, Elastin/Collagen Toner on a moistened cotton pad; wipe and tap the throat upwards for about a minute as well as lightly pinch the skin to aid blood circulation.

One or two nights a week, give yourself this special throat treatment. Wrap a hot, wet towel around your neck for a few minutes. Then, use a good nourishing cream such as our #306 Nourishing Cream - to massage your throat in long gliding strokes for 2-3 minutes from collar bone to chin. Add some quick, light tapping movements on the lower part of the throat and under the chin. Then, without removing the cream, apply our #484, Hydrogen Peroxide & Green Papaya Mask. Leave on 10 minutes, then wash off. After mask removal, rub ice cubes over the throat area to help tighten skin.

Neck & Throat Exercises... An Important Part of Your Regimen:

1. (a) Sit on the edge of a chair, feet flat on floor. Move head forward and life chin. (b) Place lower lip over upper lip and push forward as though pointing. Maintain position for 10 seconds.
2. Several times a day, tilt head back, thrust chin upwards by placing lower lip over upper lip and continue pushing lower lip out to maximum until you can feel muscles pulling all the way to the top of your chest.
3. (This may be the best one, both for throat in general and double chin.) Place hands, one on top of the other, under your chin. Slowly open your mouth and at the same time, resist from beneath. Resist as much as possible.

Disclaimer: Press Release

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