Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adore Me Lingerie in Hannah

This is my second time reviewing a lingerie from Adore Me. If you don't know what Adore Me is, it's a monthly lingerie club that comes to your door. Every month they have a showroom with a list of lingerie chosen for you. You do not have to buy if you do not want to. It is up to you when you want to get something you like. If you want to know more about Adore Me, check out my introductory post or the website. It has thorough information about the club. You can also check out my thorough post on how to get started on Adore Me from the quiz to an example of a showroom, mine of course.

I was fortunate to receive another lingerie to review. You can read my first lingerie review. I was given a choice of different lingerie, and the one I wanted was for plus size women. Unfortunately, it was too big for me so I went with my second choice. The sad thing is it's the same style as my first lingerie review. The only difference is it's in white! :)
Before I review the lingerie, let me tell you how it was delivered. It comes in a big envelope-style package. Inside the envelope, there's a box.
They have upgraded since my last review. The first time I received the package it only came in the white box, and it was dented. They got smart and put a cardboard around the box. I think it's a genius idea since it keeps the shape of the white box. I guess in some ways it doesn't matter since it's what is in the box that's important. ;)
Here's how the white box looks without the cardboard. I love how simple the box is with a pink Adore Me logo.
This is the inside of the box. I love how the pink tissue paper matches the Adore Me logo.

Now for my review of the lingerie...
What can I say other than it's really well made! My mother used to be a seamstress so growing up I knew what to look for. They did a great job on the sewing. I don't see any particular loose thread, threads sticking out, and even the double stitches are close to each other.
The cloth of the lingerie is stretchable, smooth, and well sewn on the pad. The touch of the lace on top matches well with the bra.
I also love the touch of the ribbon in the middle of the bra! It adds a little femininity and cuteness.
Here's how the padded bra looks in the inside. The added bumps pushes and makes it look more fuller.
It also comes with three columns to attach your bra. A lot of bras only come with two, and I like that it comes with three. It's more secure, and you know it might not come off.
Now for the pantie, it's the same fabric as the bra. It's stretchable, well made, and cute!
It has a matching lace and ribbon which I find adorable. :)
I wanted to show the sheerness of the pantie. It's not extremely see through, but it does not fully cover up.

Since I have both white and pink of Hannah, I cannot choose which one I like better. I like both. The white is more classic looking and the pink is more cute. I honestly suggest people to check out Adore Me. They have great quality products and the shipping is extremely fast! I believe my shipment came in 5 days!

Thank you Adore Me!!! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are given to me to review. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Shop N' Chomp said...

Sweet yet sexy ;)

KaT09 said...

The bra is so cute. Nice review.

G A B Y said...

I think their packaging is lame - why not simply use a proper cardboard box instead of only a piece of it that doesn't even fully protect the white box? Mine was all dented and damaged... glad what was in it was not fragile at least!

Clara Turbay said...

interesting and great!

Rola said...

Even though it is just a white bra, it is very feminine and sexy.

Ted Juhl said...

The packaging looks presentable! It is important because it helps protect the product inside, particularly during its shipment from the store to your home. How it will look is necessary, too, because it's the first thing that a customer notices and it has to make a good impression. The lingerie looks very neat, by the way! Keep on posting great reviews!

Ted Juhl

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