Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuna Rice Balls and Empty Product of the Month

I made two different version of tuna rice balls... hehe~ You can also check out my other Korean cooking recipes I have posted.

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check out my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

can of tuna
olive oil
chopped garlic
soy sauce
brown sugar
sesame oil
black pepper
sesame seeds
dried seaweed

Step 1:

I coat the frying pan with olive oil and then add chopped garlic. Then I squeeze half a can of tuna with my hand. You can do it with cheese cloth if you want... hehe~ Then toss the tuna into the frying pan. I put soy sauce and brown sugar; the main ingredients. If they're not sweet, add more brown sugar. Then I end it with a little sesame oil, black pepper, and sesame seeds.

Now I'm done with one stuffing.
For the second stuffing, I squeeze the other half a can of tuna. I chop cucumber, and mix it with mayo and a little black pepper. This one is my dad's favorite!... hehe~
Grab a bowl and put rice, vinegar, sugar, and salt. You mostly need vinegar and sugar... hehe~ Let the rice cool because it's easier to work with cool rice or at least for me. Unless you're going to eat this right after making it then hot rice is better!
Don't forget the dried seaweed. You need to find a particular size not the regular one you can find in most stores. :/ I tend to use this one unless I'm going to take it out of my house. Then I use the one that comes with a wrapping.

Step 2:
Now that you have all the ingredients, we can start making it... hehe~
You need a triangular shape container/molder/whatever you call it... lol~ :X I put rice. You can do both sides but I tend to find using only one side is easier for me... hehe~ :D
Put the top part and push it down.
The rice should look like that.
Now stuff it with whichever topping... hehe~
Add more rice.
Then put the top and push it down. It should look like this... hehe~
Lay one seaweed down and put the container on the top part.
There's a thingie, don't know what it is called, on the bottom where you put the rice onto the seaweed. Then take the container out and it should look like that.
Fold the seaweed in half like this.
Then fold the top part in to make it look like a triangle. You can either eat this or make some more with the stuffing... hehe~

I'm going to end with my "Empty Products for the Month of September." I didn't do one for last month, August, because I didn't finish anything... lol~ You can check my other Empty Products of the Month.
Victoria's Secret Pink Energizing Body Spray with Citrus & Mint

This is part of a freebie I got from Victoria's Secret long time ago. It included body wash, body lotion, body spray, and lip balm. This is the only one I finished or I should say try... hehe~ :X Unfortunately, they discontinued this brand. I heard from a lot of people they didn't like this smell but I think I'm the only one who did... lol~ :X I love fruity smells so this was fine with me. :)

Would I buy this again: No, because they discontinued this brand.

How sad I only finished one product in two months!!!... lol~ :(

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for the Victoria's Secret Pink Body Spray. I got that as a freebie with a coupon. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for the recipe! the tuna rice ball looks so delicious :D
I didn't hit any pan on last month, hopefully there's something that i'll finish this month! :p

Vanessa M. said...

OMG! I have one of these too! but i dont think i know how to use it lol

Kalmo said...

Oh those tuna rice balls look super good!! I remember seeing similar snacks from anime and thinking they were really cute. I'm going to try to make this tonight but I don't have mayo... might use geek yogurt instead lol, hope it turns out OK.

Good job on finishing the product!

Fruity Lashes said...

oh dear you're such a chef! i always enjoy reading your cooking posts. citrus & mint must smell really nice. i usually don't like VS scents because they're too sweet for my liking

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