Monday, February 15, 2010

Noodles with Kim-chi(Kim-chi guk-su)

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Happy belated Valentine's Day! I hope you had a great day. Even if you're single, you could have celebrated with love ones... hehe~ ;) Also Happy belated Chinese/Lunar New Year!!! I hope you had rice soup (click here for the recipe). It's a Korean tradition to eat this. :D

Speaking of recipe, this is a long waited post... lol~ I haven't made this in awhile, but it's been in my folder for months. :X I think it's time I post this... hehe~ :D

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

noodle (any type that is white and thin)
red pepper paste
sesame sauce
sesame seed

Step 1:
In a big bowl, cut some cabbage and cucumbers.
It's best to cut kim-chi that is almost bad. The fresh ones doesn't taste as good... hehe~ Cut kim-chi into small pieces and add the juice that is left over on the cutting board.
Boil the noodles like you do spaghetti. It can be any Asian style noodles like udon, somen, and so on. Then drain the noodles and then add it to the big bowl. Add red pepper paste (start with one spoonful and add more when you need it), sesame sauce, sesame seeds, and sugar. Mix!
I top the dish with thin, strip of cucumbers and an egg. :)

I'm going to end this post with looks from the Maybelline EyeStudio palettes. I bought two recently, I guess not that recent more like couple of weeks ago... hehe~ The first one I bought from Target during their sale.
This is how it looks on the outside. It's also a palette I've been wanting since it first came out end of last year (click here to read my post on these palettes).
This one is called Green with Envy. It runs from light brown/tan-ish color to dark green.
Here is the swatch to the eyeshadow palette.
This is what I came up with.
This is the other palette I bought. I bought this from Rite-Aid during their 40% off deal. This one is called Give Me Gold.
Here is the swatch from left to right.
Here's what I came up with.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


miemiemie said...

oooh love the eye looks you did at the the noodles..yummy! waaah

Blair said...

How was your Lunar New Year/Valentine's day celebration?

Green With Envy reminds me of Majolica's GR750! The colours are a bit off though, and I prefer the golden green in the Maybelline palette instead of MJ's olive green.

I like your gradation EOTDs! You blended everything perfectly :)

The Mango body butter has a super strong smell! Kind of a sweet chemical scent? Idk if it was a trick of light (I have yellow lighting in my room), but my legs looked mighty yellow after I applied it haha XD

Lulu said...

hmm looks so yum! thanks for showing us how to make it :)

Thanks so much for your congrats <3

Askmewhats said...

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day to you Ally! :)

Shen said...

i wish i eat veggies so i can enjoy dishes like these.. huhuhu!

such beautiful blending skills. love the green and gold eyelooks. :)

Jamilla Camel said...

You are the best cook ever!

I love your eye palettes too..nice depth of colour!

Little Miss Savvy said...

I want to try to make that, I love korean food!

M.A.C.nunu said...

Oooh!!I am gonna try that recipe tonight!! I think I have all the ingredients at home!
I am always in awe of your incredible blending skills. Your looks have that gorgeous colour gradient that mine never have T.T
I hope you had an awesome Vday!

amynaree said...

That dish looks yummy! I love "eating" Korean food but I suck at cooking hehe

I have been eyeing those maybelline quads too but have yet to pick any up yet :)

miemiemie said...

haha you're always too nice. blogger ladies are way too nice to me. people i know wouldn't say nice things like that..that's one reason why i love the web more than real life..hahaha

i have to wear bb cream, well it does count as foundation right? i need some spf and some evening dark undereye circles look so much worse in real can be deceiving..sometimes i wish i knew how to do photoshop so my photos would look amazing..but then who would read a blog that's all about faking things right...or maybe i could photoshop myself in real life..haha no more circles

gio said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

You are a great cook, the food looks yummy!

Those palettes look nice and I love the EOTDs you did with them, they're so pretty!

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

happy belated valentines darl! :)
and thanks! i won't give up on him dw! i hope he learns fast though!
the dish looks delish! and the eyeshadow quad looks great!


JENNIFER said...

Hello thanks for visiting my blog! The VS soft lip pot is very computerizing to my lips. :)

Yum the noodles looks delish! I love Kim-chi. :D

and your blending is super. Great looks you created.

Your blog is nice! I'm following. ;)

Trina Mui said...

thank you for leaving a commenting and following me ^ ^ the dish that i was making was actually bibim naeng myun lol btw keep in touch ^^

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

hello darl! :)
he's around 15 weeks now. thanks! i'd love tips on puppy training. my first puppy ever so i'm struggling a bit although he's worth it!
oh i know what you mean, shopping for make up is a disease! with no cure!!! :p


Trina Mui said...

ahaha I actually only receive 20%,but of course i get gratis which is FREE ^ ^ ahaha which usually consists 7-12 products =D maybe when i reach a certain amount of followers i'll do a mini benefit giveaway ^^

Kalmo said...

Happy late V-day Alyssa!

It's very cute and loving you took your dad out for V-day.

Yay, I love your Korean Cooking 101 class. ^^ Kim-chi noodles look so yummy, especially with the egg on top.

Your green EOTD is gorgeous! Everything fits so well together. The Give Me Gold look is awesome too, something a eyeshadow newbie like me can attempt... maybe lol.

Caroline :] said...

hehe yay! you still do your cooking entries! L.O.V.E! hehe i just had a big fat chipotle burrito, or else I'd be drooling over your pics of the kimchi guksu right now! :P I've been seeing those Maybelline quads EVERYWHERE--it's like all the blogger girls have tried them out! Must be really good, so I gotta get my little hands on them soon! hehe, in particular, Give Me Gold! It looks good on you! I love the EOTD you came up with!^_^

<3 caroline

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

I'm going to try this~ thx for share^^

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