Monday, June 29, 2009

Fried Squid (o-jin-geo bok-keum)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

1/4 c. red pepper powder
1 tbsp. red pepper paste
chopped garlic
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. corn syrup
1 tbsp. sesame oil
1/4 tsp. salt
pinch of black pepper
green pepper
green onions
olive oil
1 squid
sesame seeds

Step 1:
First, make the sauce. I added red pepper powder, red pepper paste, chopped garlic, sugar, corn syrup, sesame oil, salt, and black pepper. Then mix.

Step 2:
Chop your vegetables. I used carrots, onions, green pepper, and green onion. You can use cabbage, mushroom, squash, and so on. It is basically up to you. :)

Step 3:
Grab a frying pan, and add olive oil to coat. Once the pan it hot, add the sauce. Mix it with a wooden spoon. The heat from the stove will soften the sauce and produce liquids. This will only take a minute or two.
Then add your vegetables. I added the carrots, onions, and green peppers. Save your chopped green onions for last. Stir your vegetables until they get a little soft. I would say about 2-5 minutes.
Then add your squid. You can buy it already cut at the market or use one squid. If you use the squid you bought, make sure to peel off the skin, throw away the inside, and wash it.
Cook until everything is done. Then toss in the chopped green onions for the last minute or two.
Then transfer the fried squid onto a plate and top it off with sesame seeds. You can eat this as a side dish with rice and kim-chi.

Step 4:
If you don't want to eat it as a side dish, you can eat it as spaghetti style... lol~ This is what we did with the left over the next day... wheee~ It was delicious! :)

Cook somen noodles, rinse it, and drain the water. Put the noodles on the plate and top it with the fried squid. I reheated the squid, and added cabbage and squash.

This weekend, I bought couple of things. :/ The first place I checked out was Forever 21.
I've been wanting to get this watch, but what held me back was not too sure how the quality of the watch is. Luckily, for me it was on sale. It was only $4.99 compared to the original price of $14.80. What a good deal!... wheee~

Then I went to Icing by Claires.
I've been wanting to get this headband, but it never goes on sale. It still wasn't on sale... lol~ :P The only reason I bought it is because I had a gift certificate.

Lastly, I ended up at MAC in the Macys.
I've been looking high and low for a light, coral lipstick that fits my skin. I finally found one I love... wheee~ It's Ravishing!!!

I'm SORRY but I need to apologize!!! I lied about my foundation numbers. I got it checked this weekend at MAC. I just assumed I was this number, but I was wrong! :X Here's my updated foundation at MAC and MUFE.

MAKE UP FOR EVER (HD Foundation):
winter: #120
summer: #128

winter: NC30
summer: NC37

I'm 100% sure about my summer colors, but not for the winter. I'm assuming that's my winter colors, because the last time I got it matched. :X


Christine said...

that dish looks so yummy!!!
I love the bow headband it's adorable. I can't wait to see the lipstick on you that color looks pretty =)

Yin said...

wow. that squid dish looks SOOOO yummy. You're such a talented chef ^^

I'm loving the colour of the mac lipstick too. <3

kathryn said...

mmm... looks good!! i bet my husband would like that! =)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Is this the one scheduled???
Ahhh I wanna try this!!!

I should, one day.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the recipe! This is going in my recipe file because I love squid!!

MUFE 120 is more like MAC NC25....
I'm NC20 and wear MUFE HD 117.

kawaiikao said...

looks really yummy as always!! cute headband too!

Anonymous said...

omgosh dear~ that silver headband is to die for! good choice!! hope you show us how it looks on you =)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

looks delicious!! im getting hungry! lol

ilovepink said...

my mouth is getting watery haha i want some now! lol

aww cute bow headband.. ehhe i should stop by f21 this weekend =]

Melissa said...

Hehe, now you know! I wonder if #120 will be my winter shade too. Omg thanks for this recipe, my parents would love this lol. I will attempt this one day & I hope to find the squid already cleaned and cut. Haha, squid grosses me out, but tastes good!

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi A: I promise to make your recipies once I'm home for more than a week at a time! When we go to stay at our new house in Oman for a few weeks, I promise to cook up a storm with your recipies and post the results!!

gio said...

look yummy! That silve headband is soo cute!

Blair said...

Yummm... I love squid!

Aly, I noticed that you use a lot of red pepper powder and paste. Do Koreans like their food spicy?

Yeah, I think your flu germs flew all the way over here hahaha ;p
I just started coughing - I hope I don't infect you lol ;p Dang, it seems that a lot of us are sick.

The NYX lippie that I used is Power (my only lippie from NYX). I have very little cosmetics, you'll see me repeating my items over and over if I feel vain enough for another FOTD haha

Blair said...

I do see pans in powder foundations but in other cosmetics? Never lol. I usually chuck my lipglosses aside when they get sticky and goopy. The one that I usually use feels all weird now (or not). I think there's nothing wrong with it, it's just me wanting to buy more cosmetics ;D

Do you own any lipsticks/glosses from NYX? If you do, which would you recommend? I feel like getting more lippies - I'm in a lipstick phase now hahaha

Dao said...

The squid looks yummy! You got a good deal on the watch there, sister!

Blair said...

Hmmm, I'm looking for really sweet light colours like baby pinks, peaches or even nude-ish colours... I don't want corals cos I have them and no reds cos I'm not into reds yet hahaha. Thank you Aly, I hope you don't smack me for having all sorts of requirements! ;D

Oh dear, I appeared so good in my comment but actually I'm a bit of a hoarder. I get into a phase, buy a bit (or a lot, depends on your definition really hahaha), keep them and jump to another phase very quickly.

Those are the only NYX items that I have!! What else do you have from them? Maybe you can do a makeup collection post? I would love to see your collection! =D

I usually purchase items from the States when they are discounted cos I can only get them from sprees. The organizers have all these these service fees, shipping and handling fees and even their conversion rates are higher. AND, the waiting time is long hahaha. I ordered the NYX items during the first week of the sale but I only received them mid/late last month.

Askmewhats said...

thank you for the message Ally, I appreciate it! My mom is getting better...thanks to all the prayers and well wishes

Blair said...

Thank you for your recommendations! I'm definitely buying Strawberry Milk when CC or NPB goes on sale. I heard good things about Thalia, so thanks to you, it's going into my cart as well hahaha.

Oh yeah, speaking of lippies, I'm tempted to get a lippie from Maquillage's Moisture Rouge range - but I don't know if I should splurge. In Japan, MQ is sold in drugstores but in my place, they're sold in department stores with HE prices! Over here, they are even pricer than Dior.

LOL, I'm sure you have plenty of requests for reviews or EOTDs! I'm going to request for a green look now actually haha. I have a few green mineral shadows that I pressed but haven't touched, so I'd love to see how you play with light greens, green golds and colours like that =D

OMG! Now you made me more curious!!! I want to see your makeup collection, please? =D Which makeup item do you like/buy the most?

Blair said...

Oh dear, you'd recommend Sky Pink over Strawberry Milk? Well, I have pretty pigmented lips and I think our skintones are pretty similar, so I'd totally listen to your suggestion =D

Now that I'm thinking rationally, I'd rather purchase eight NYX round lippies over one MQ Moisture Rouge hahaha. Haha, I'm like you in the sense that I'll go crazy over wanting something, but I seriously think that MQ is overpriced here. Even Lunasol lippies are slightly cheaper (by US$ 0.30 lol) than MQ over here hahaha.

No, your blog isn't boring!!! I love your blog! =D

I just got into eyeshadows recently (seems to me that I got into EVERYTHING recently ;p). The first FOTD that I did was sort of the first time I ever used eyeshadow on my own =D

I used to think that neutral shades are very blah but now, they are my new love hahaha. Hmmm... that's true, most of the shadows/palettes that you showed us are in varying shades of brown! In a way, it's good that you know the colours that suit you and you buy those shades. On the other hand, I just started with eyeshadows and I don't know the colours that suit me yet. So for now, I'm sort of buying palettes that catch my fancy hahaha

What are your plans for the long weekend? =D

Shen said...

i love korean food!! :) my mom and I are crazy over it.. even if i don't eat vegetable. i'll probably have that for lunch at work tom.. hmmm.. :) i miss you! still reading your blog but just not commenting du r to lack of time.. :) but i sure will try to make time from now on so keep em post coming!! :) i love the coral lips.. we haunted for opposites! i haunted down a nce pink lippies...

can you believe i lost my tea rose from NYX???? I'm banging my head (not literally) for losing it because it was my fave pink lippie from nyx. now i have to wait for dec. until my aunt arrives for the replacement. grrr!

Sandiebaby~ said...

i just had korean food for dinner. i ate so much, was full for 10 mins and now i'm hungry again hahaha :P
that squid dish looks sooooo very yummy. i love seafood!!~
that mac ravishing looks really pretty. hmmm *writes it in her notepad under what to get next* LOL :D

miRaCLe said...

another yummy dish!! I love my food HOT! :D it's so red and making me droolsss... :p~

nice haul!! love the headband! it's so cute and bling!! ^^

Daituf said...

I am AMAZED at your ability to cook food that I only see in restaurants and TV...
Almost inspired me to stop eating fast food everyday, and start cookin...
Sigh...if only I wasn't so lazy and an awful, just AWFUL cook...

Haha, as you can see from me reading all ur old entries...I am now obsessed with ur blog :P

P.S. That headband is gorge...

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