Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Christmas Gift

It's 6 in the morning on Christmas Eve. I woke up from my niece's kick on my ribs... lol~ Now I can't sleep *sigh*. :/ I thought I'll just update my blog since I'm wide awake... lol~ O_O

I want to wish every one of you guys a very Merry Christmas! I hope you guys are surrounded by love ones and share the goodness of this day! :)

I received a package from Blair some time ago. She was kind enough to send me a Christmas gift this year! :)
She sent me all these stuff including a cute letter (the note was too short... hehe~ :P) and candies... wheee~ They were delicious! :)
In the package, I received some masks. She told me the Deep Ocean Water is from My Scheming Beauty, one of her favorite brand of masks. I can't wait to try this!... wheee~
Some of the samples I received; Beauty Credit and Skin Food.
A peach flavored lip balm. I can't wait to try and smell this. To be honest, it has to wait... hehe~ I tend to open one lip balm at a time for some odd reason. I can't wait to test/swatch products out as soon as I get them home but when it comes to lip balms, I'm really good. :/ It's so strange!... lol~ :X At the moment, I'm using Etude House lip balm I received (thank you friend!). :D
I love how dramatic these lashes are. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it looks on me... wheee~
She gave me Dr. Jart+ Blemish Base.
She told me the main gifts were Canmake lipstick in Caramel Pink (#23). By the way, I really love this color lipstick. It looks great on me! She chose a great color... hehe~ :)
And the other is Fasio Glossy Layered Eyes in #001. The left side is the cream shadow and the rest are eyeshadows. She knows how much I love neutral colors... hehe~ ;)

I know you guys didn't ask for swatches, but I did it already... hehe~
The top color on top is the lipstick, Canmake in Caramel Pink, and the eyeshadow palette on the bottom (from left to right from the palette), Fasio in #001. For some odd reason, the sun washed the colors out. :/

I also did two looks with the eyeshadow palette.

Look #1:
I used the last three colors from the left on my eyes.

Look #2:
I also used the last three colors from the left... hehe~

Thank you Blair!!! :)

Tobey wishes a Merry Christmas too! This picture was taken last year but it's too cute not to put it up again... hehe~
*Head to the left* *Head to the right* Merry Christmas? What is that? I just want food!... lol~

Merry Dog-mas!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cucumber Kim-chi (oi kim-chi)

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I had a hectic 3 weeks both good and bad (family visit, no internet, computer problems, dad having a minor surgery, etc). I want to believe things will look up... wheee~ One of the things I did last week is make oi kim-chi.

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

sea salt-coarse
2-3 bunch of leeks
6 green onions
1/4 bell red pepper
chopped garlic
1/4 onion
1/2 c. red pepper powder
1/4 c. fish sauce
1 tbsp. sugar

Step 1:
The first thing you want to do is wash your cucumbers. Once it's washed, cut the ends and the size you want the cucumber. Now that you have the size cucumber you want, you need to cut in half. Then cut in half the other way like the picture above.
Make sure you don't cut all the way like the picture above. ;)
After you cut all your cucumbers, toss it into a bowl. You want to soften the cucumber with sea salt. I add water and a lot of sea salt for an hour. You can soften the cucumber with only the sea salt (no water), but do it for 30 minutes only.

After 30 minutes to 1 hour of softening the cucumber, wash it.

Step 2:
Now you need to cut the ingredients; leeks, green onions, garlic, bell red pepper, and onion.
Then add red pepper powder, fish sauce, and sugar.
Now mix your ingredients.

Step 3:
Stuff your washed cucumbers with the ingredients from step 2 and put it into a container with a lid. I usually cover the top with a plastic before I cover the container with a lid. I leave it outside for a day and then put it into the refrigerator. I eat it after it cools for an hour or two.

Step 4:
What do you do with the leftover stuffing? Instead of throwing it away, I make bi-bim bahp. ;) I throw in rice (white rice taste better but my family is into brown rice) and a fried egg. Mix, mix, mix!
I just eat out of the bowl... hehe~ ;)

In my last post (click here for the post), some of you guys asked for swatches of the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner. Here it is...
I did more than that... hehe~ I even compared it to my MAC Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Painterly. I'm not too sure if anyone asked for the MAC MSF in Petticoat, but I also swatched that too... hehe~ ;)

Speaking of the Benefit Creaseless Shadow/Liner, I found out it's not called Surprise Steals but it's called Sweet Steals. My apologize!!! :X

Kay organized Secret Santa this year and I decided to join. I got my gift from my Secret Santa about a little more than 2 week ago I think (I can't remember the exact date)... hehe~ :X
She kept herself secret so I had to guess who she was... hehe~ It wasn't hard to figure that out since the package came from Australia. I went through the list of bloggers who joined and there was only one person from Australia... hehe~ My Secret Santa was Akisa.
She sent me a lip balm from Lanolips. She told me it's only exclusive in Australia... woo hoo~
She also sent a mask from My Beauty Diary in Black Pearl. This is my first mask from My Beauty Diary so I'm excited to use it. I keep hearing good stuff about My Beauty Diary... wheee~

Thank you Akisa! :)

I'm going to end this post with my creation... wheee~ I finished my animal bags for my nieces. It's they're Christmas gifts this year. I made a bunny bag (click here for the post) which I posted about it, as well as, a pig bag (click here for the post). Now I'm going to post the last two animal bags.
This cow bag took forever to make. I doubt I'll make this bag again... hehe~ :X
The last one I made is the dog bag.
Here's all the animal bags together; bunny, dog, pig, and cow. Don't they look cute together?... wheee~ I don't know which niece is going to get which animal. :/ It'll be an adventure to find out... hehe~ :X

My last creation is *drum roll*...
You have candy canes, Hershey's chocolate, and Santa chocolate. What can you make with these *continue drum roll*?

Santa riding his sled... wheee~ I'm going to give these to the students I tutor at this after school place. I hope they like it! :)
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