Monday, June 29, 2009

Fried Squid (o-jin-geo bok-keum)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

1/4 c. red pepper powder
1 tbsp. red pepper paste
chopped garlic
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. corn syrup
1 tbsp. sesame oil
1/4 tsp. salt
pinch of black pepper
green pepper
green onions
olive oil
1 squid
sesame seeds

Step 1:
First, make the sauce. I added red pepper powder, red pepper paste, chopped garlic, sugar, corn syrup, sesame oil, salt, and black pepper. Then mix.

Step 2:
Chop your vegetables. I used carrots, onions, green pepper, and green onion. You can use cabbage, mushroom, squash, and so on. It is basically up to you. :)

Step 3:
Grab a frying pan, and add olive oil to coat. Once the pan it hot, add the sauce. Mix it with a wooden spoon. The heat from the stove will soften the sauce and produce liquids. This will only take a minute or two.
Then add your vegetables. I added the carrots, onions, and green peppers. Save your chopped green onions for last. Stir your vegetables until they get a little soft. I would say about 2-5 minutes.
Then add your squid. You can buy it already cut at the market or use one squid. If you use the squid you bought, make sure to peel off the skin, throw away the inside, and wash it.
Cook until everything is done. Then toss in the chopped green onions for the last minute or two.
Then transfer the fried squid onto a plate and top it off with sesame seeds. You can eat this as a side dish with rice and kim-chi.

Step 4:
If you don't want to eat it as a side dish, you can eat it as spaghetti style... lol~ This is what we did with the left over the next day... wheee~ It was delicious! :)

Cook somen noodles, rinse it, and drain the water. Put the noodles on the plate and top it with the fried squid. I reheated the squid, and added cabbage and squash.

This weekend, I bought couple of things. :/ The first place I checked out was Forever 21.
I've been wanting to get this watch, but what held me back was not too sure how the quality of the watch is. Luckily, for me it was on sale. It was only $4.99 compared to the original price of $14.80. What a good deal!... wheee~

Then I went to Icing by Claires.
I've been wanting to get this headband, but it never goes on sale. It still wasn't on sale... lol~ :P The only reason I bought it is because I had a gift certificate.

Lastly, I ended up at MAC in the Macys.
I've been looking high and low for a light, coral lipstick that fits my skin. I finally found one I love... wheee~ It's Ravishing!!!

I'm SORRY but I need to apologize!!! I lied about my foundation numbers. I got it checked this weekend at MAC. I just assumed I was this number, but I was wrong! :X Here's my updated foundation at MAC and MUFE.

MAKE UP FOR EVER (HD Foundation):
winter: #120
summer: #128

winter: NC30
summer: NC37

I'm 100% sure about my summer colors, but not for the winter. I'm assuming that's my winter colors, because the last time I got it matched. :X

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Physicians Formula Baked Collection in Baked Sands

This is my second post for this week. Amazing!... lol~ :P I actually bought this eyeshadow palette, Physicians Formula Baked Collection in Baked Sands, end of last year (2008). I'm finally going to review it... hehe~
Product Review: Physicians Formula Baked Collection in Baked Sands

Where can you purchase this: drugstores (I got mine at Walgreens)
$7-8 (I paid around $4 with coupon)

Made in Italy

My thoughts: I'm not too thrilled about the packaging for several reasons. It's sad to say this but what draws me to products is their packaging. The packaging definitely did not draw me in... lol~
It's very simple design and everything is circular... lol~ The eyeshadows are circular, as well as, dome shaped. So is the package including the lid. Another reason why I don't like the packaging is that it's not the most travel friendly. I think the dome shape hinders the palette to be carried around. Luckily, I don't travel much. :P

The one thing I really like about this palette is how pigmented the colors are, as well as, how the colors are blended together. It's gorgeous!!! :)
It looks great on the skin, but I think it looks better on the eyes... hehe~ ;)

* Pigmented.
* Gorgeous colors.
* Great mix of colors together.
* Blends well.

* Packaging.
* Not travel friendly.

Would I buy this again? Yes, I'm waiting for a sale on the gray ones... hehe~

Rating: 4/5 Tobey's Paws

I can't finish the post without a look with these colors... hehe~ ;)
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Physicians Formula Baked Collection in Baked Sands:
* whitish-cream on top 1/3 inner lid, inner corners, & 1/3 bottom inner
* goldish-brown on 2/3 of the top lid & middle bottom
* dark brown on the outer V & bottom outer 1/3
CG Sugar Rush as highlight
L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Black
Mascara (I can't remember what I used)

I'm going to end this post with two, new China Glaze nail polishes I received for my birthday.
Flying Dragon:
Blue Sparrow:
If you want to see swatches of other China Glaze nail polishes that I have, click here. I have quite a lot... lol~ :/

She also gave me a MAC Viva Glam VI lipgloss.
The color is so pretty and very sparkly! I feel very grateful to have met her, as well as, she remembered my birthday!!!... wheee~

Thank you Trinh! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

IMATS 2009

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile again! :X I have no excuse, but I blame it on my flu (I had a 100 degree fever)... hehe~ :P Anyways, this weekend (Sunday to be exact) I went to my very first IMATS experience. Can I say I had a great time, but I could had enjoyed it a lot more if my body wasn't weak from the flu!!! Even with the weakness, I had a blast... wheee~ :) I wish I took more pictures, but I was too tired. Here are some of the pictures I took; let me rephrase that it's the only ones I took... lol~ :X
Isn't that cool!?!? It really looked like an arrow went through his neck.
The butterfly on her face was gorgeous and the muscles on her abs. Hot dang I need one of those (remind myself to go to the gym)!!!
While my makeup buddy was paying for her MAC product, I was so tired. I wanted to sit on the stand until I realized a real person was on it... lol~ I thought it was a fake statue. :P

There was a lot more, but I didn't have the energy to take more pictures. :X The worst part is I looked pretty nasty! Thankfully, nobody recognized me... hehe~ Now, I'll show you what I got from the IMATS. I didn't buy much so don't expect a lot of things... hehe~
This is my haul. I told you I didn't buy much... hehe~ :P

Here's my haul from MAKE UP FOR EVER:
I bought HD Primer in #6 for $19.20 (originally $32).
HD Foundation in #128 for $24 (originally $40). They were both 40% off. Pretty good deal huh!?!? :)

Speaking of foundation, couple of you guys asked me about mine. I don't know why but I tend to look paler on the blog than I really am *sigh*. Maybe it's the flash. I don't know... lol~ :P I will write my foundation for winter (I'm more paler) and summer for MAKE UP FOR EVER and MAC.

MAKE UP FOR EVER (HD Foundation):
winter: #120
summer: #128

winter: NC25
summer: NC30

They also give you a small sample lipgloss when you buy something. I got it in #3 coral color.

Here's my haul from Crown Brush:
I bought BK6 Flat Bronzer from the Luna Series for $5.
This is the S205 Pointed Blush from the Backstage Series for $5.

Then the night ended with a great Father's Day!!! :) I got my father a Sweet Potato Cake from Cafe Mak my makeup buddy introduced me too.
My dad loved it and that's what matters... hehe~ :)

Hopefully, I'm not too late with this entry... eek~ The last day to enter her contest is today, but I don't know my time zone in Europe. :X It doesn't matter as long as I tried... hehe~ Pinkfish Pie has a contest going on. Even if the contest is over, check out her blog. She's a sweet, adorable blogger I met!!! :) Her blog is
This is what she's giving away in her contest!!! :) The picture is credit to her since I took it to show you guys. :X

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beef (bul-go-gi)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

4 tbsp. soy sauce
1/4 c. sugar
1 spoonful honey power
chopped garlic
4 tsp. sesame oil
4 tsp. mirin or rice win
4 tsp. water
1/2 onion
sesame seeds
1-2 lbs beef, thinly sliced

Step 1:
First, make the sauce. Grab a large size bowl and add the ingredients. I added soy sauce, sugar, honey powder, garlic, sesame oil, mirin or rice wine, and water. If you don't have honey power, you can add more sugar to your taste. I would say add half to double more than what the recipe requires.
Then add the onion and sesame seeds. You can also put chopped carrots and chopped green onions. I sometimes do depending on my mood... lol~
Lastly, add the beef. You can get the thinly sliced beef from the market. Then mix it, put it in a container, and then in the refrigerator.

Step 2:
I usually don't cook the beef until it's been marinated for a few hours. I don't know if other people do this, but so far it seems like it's our family thing. I haven't met any family who does this yet. ;) Grab a frying pan and cover it with an aluminum wrap. Cook the beef on top of the aluminum wrap. Make sure you don't punch a hole in the aluminum!!! Once you cooked the beef, let the frying pan cool and then you can throw away the aluminum wrap. It makes washing the frying pan easy.

After you're done cooking the beef, you can eat with rice and kim-chi. Another thing you can do is get a Korean lettuce, put rice, beef, and red pepper paste mixture (red pepper paste mixed with sesame oil).

I haven't really bought much makeup, but I did buy something recently from Costco. I guess I should rephrase that since my brother bought it for me... hehe~ ;)
Yup, they're selling the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Perfume!!! The best part is the price. If you buy this at Ulta, it costs $45. You can get you're own perfume from Costco for $19.99!!!... wheee~ :) It's more than 50% off. ;)
I got mine in Music. This is my favorite smelling one! :) They also have Love, G, Baby, and Lil' Angel. You can check the perfume out at their website,

Thank you bro!!! :)

I recently got an e-mail from a representative from She's giving my readers a $30 discount with the code: AHLEESSA4R. To be honest, I have never bought anything from this website. It will be up to you guys responsibility. I thought it wouldn't hurt to pass this to my readers!... hehe~ :) By the way, they ship everywhere. ;)
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