Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Safely Tips:
Improve Your Nighttime Driving: To overcome the challenges associated with nighttime driving, Dr. Christina Schnider O.D., Senior Director, Professional Communications for VistaKon Division of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, Inc., advises driving more slowly and accounting for the need for extra time and distance between cars. In addition, those with an uncorrected or under corrected vision problems should withhold from driving in the dark. For more information on driving safely in the dark tune into this podcast.
Safety-Proof Your Kid's Costume: When it comes to safety, no costume is complete without reflective tape for enhanced visibility. John Ulczycki, Vice President - Strategic Initiatives, National Safety Council, recommends dressing your children in a costume that provides contract and reflectivity by incorporating light colors and using reflective tape on areas of their body that will be moving.
Keeping a Flashlight Handy: Before a night of trick-or-treating, make sure your children are armed with a flashlight, along with a fresh set of batteries. Glow in the dark accessories can also be a fun and festive way to enhance visibility on Halloween night.
Cosmetic Contact Lenses without a Prescription? Eye don't think so: In the United States, all contact lenses, even purely cosmetic ones, require a prescription. If cosmetic lenses are a part of your children's Halloween costume, make sure they have been prescribed and properly fitted by an Eye Care Professional. A great resource to learn more about how to properly wear and take care of lenses is "Healthy Vision & Contact Lenses".
Check Before You Treat: Before your trick-or-treater digs into their Halloween goodies, make sure you've sorted through the selection and removed unsealed or expired items. Since Halloween can be an especially scary time for children with food allergies, make sure to check all ingredients included or simply swap out their goodies with a bag of safe alternatives.

Disclaimer: Press Release


MiharuJulie said...

Nice post
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A Very Sweet Blog said...

Excellent advice. It's so dangerous trick or treating now. So many are having private parties.

Ahleessa said...

It is extremely dangerous. The biggest news in Cali is the hit and run of three 13 years old, twins and their friend, all passed away. They were hit in front of an elementary school on Halloween night. So sad! :(

Ahleessa said...

Sure, we can follow each other. Just tell me where you follow me and I'll follow back. It won't happen right away, but I should follow within a week. I read my comments in weekly basis.

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