Thursday, December 6, 2012

b.liv Mask in Sheer Off Crease

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This is the third sheet mask review from b.liv. The first one was Bright Is Right, and the second is Repair & Rescue.
Product Review: b.liv Mask in Sheer Off Crease

Where to purchase:
Price: $15 for a box (7 pieces)

Made in Singapore

Description from the back: This versatile mask freezes creases in their tracks, frosts collagen in right place, and lends a radiant au naturel glow you can't get enough of!

Sheer Off Crease whisks off the age buster, whips up your collagen, and pulls a plug on your fine lines - by its Botox-like action. It spooks your dark spots and firms up your skin, which basking you in a wealth of compliments. Skin radiates youth from within, and looks no further than these!
Key Active Ingredients:
Thoughts: I've had great experience with the first mask, Bright Is Right, and not a great experience with the second, Repair & Rescue. For that reason, I went into this mask with no expectations. Sometimes it's always best to go into a product with no expectations, but you cannot always control your feelings.
Here's how the mask looks in their individual package. I still think Repair & Rescue has the most appealing color, peachy coral, but this isn't bad either.
All individual package has the expiration date on the top of the back. Mine will expire November 10, 2014. I like they have the expiration date on each individual package. It's extremely helpful for people who throw away their boxes. They will know from the individual pack.
This is a picture of me wearing Bright Is Right mask, but all masks look the same on me. They're on the thin side, as well as, wider than most masks. Even though they're thin, they do not rip. It's pretty sturdy. I also like that you can adjust the mask to your face shape. Some times the mask is too small for my face. I never understood why they would have masks smaller than an average size face. Isn't the concept to hydrate the whole face with serum? :/

Now for my overall opinion... I actually liked this mask a lot! It did not dry me out, I did not feel any tingling sensation, and my wrinkles seem less noticeable. It can be a combination of this mask and skin care I was using, but I'm just happy with any type of results. My experiences from the past I could not notice anything, but at least I saw something even if it was little.

* Comes in a variety you can choose.
* Simple, pretty packaging.
* Expiration date on each individual package.
* Lots of serum; apply to neck and chest.
* Dimension of the mask is wide, but you can work with it.
* Thin but sturdy.
* Key ingredients help to reduce wrinkles and increase collagen synthesis.
* Notice less wrinkles.
* Hydrating.

* Hard to find in stores; need to order online.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me to review. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Rendee ✿ said...

This look fantastic, and great for on the go, or to throw in your bag while your out of town! great post :) x

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! Sheet masks are so great. :)

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