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Friday, April 17, 2009

Contest #1 Winners and My Urban Decay Haul

Thank you for the people who entered my contest (click here to see the post)! :) I numbered the people who commented in the order as I got them. Now for the winners *drum roll*...

Winner #1:

Winner #2:

Please contact me at aly_4realz at hotmail dot com. You guys have 5 days from today.

I got my Urban Decay haul this week, Monday to be exact, from their Friends & Family Event (30% off). Today, April 17th, is the last day to order during this promotion. If you're going to order something, use the code "FNFS9" to get the discount. ;) Sorry it took so long to post this!!! :X
I ordered Travel Size Set in VIP and Ultraglide Lipgloss in Quiver. If you order $35 or more, they give you a free sample lipstick in Sellout.

I've always debated if I wanted the set or not, and thought this will be the best time to get it... hehe~ I'm very happy and I think the colors are perfect for the spring/summer weather! :)
(L-R: Zero, Lucky, Covet, Electric, and Lust)

I wasn't going to swatch the set since so many bloggers have these, but I thought it might not hurt... hehe~ I hope it helps somebody! :)

When I went to the Sephora makeover event for natural products, the makeup artist applied this lipgloss on me and I fell in love (click here to see the post about Sephora makeover)!!! I was going to buy it that day, but the last one they had in this color leaked all over the plastic. It was extremely sticky! Luckily for me, Urban Decay had this promotion and I got it during this time... wheee~

Since I ordered more than $35 before the discount, they gave me the free sample lipstick in Sellout. Can I just say how cute the packaging is for the lipstick!!! It has these cute design on the tube! :)

(L-R: Lipstick in Sellout and Lipgloss in Quiver)

Here's my nail of the week (NOTW #11) which I'll be changing today or tomorrow... lol~ One of my nail broke and it's bothering me... lol~

What I used:
(T-B, L-R: OPI Base Coat, China Glaze in Watermelon Ring, CoverGirl in Disco Dazzle, Seche Vite Top Coat, and makeup sponge)

* OPI Base Coat
* China Glaze in Watermelon Ring
* CoverGirl in Disco Dazzle
* Seche Vite Top Coat (Thank you makeup buddy!)

If you don't know how to do gradient style nails, you can check my post for NOTW #1 (click here). It's the same concept. ;)

I'm going to end my post with the recent crochet I finished.
Yes, it's another Hello Kitty doll... hehe~ :P This is actually for my oldest niece whose birthday is in May. The other one was for my second niece whose birthdy was in the beginning of April (click here to see the doll). Now I need to make a third Hello Kitty doll for my third niece whose birthday is in June. They're all sisters and I noticed it's the best to give them the same things... lol~

For the people who are wondering, I only do this for a hobby. I like making things and love giving people I care about stuff. I've made scarves, baby blankets, armwarmers, and so on. I hardly keep anything for myself since I think it's more valuable when you receive something made from someone... hehe~ The only thing I really kept for myself was a kleenex box I made. Maybe I'll show it to you guys next time if you guys want to see it... hehe~ ;)

For the people who asked about the Hello Kitty pattern. Unfortunately, I did not get it from online. If you search online, there is quite a lot of Hello Kitty patterns. Just type "Hello Kitty crochet patterns" and you will get a long list of sites. I'm kind of picky what I like, therefore, I tend to modify most of the crochet patterns. I hope this helps for the people who want the pattern since I've been getting this question a lot.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Contest #1

Since I cannot sleep at the moment, I thought I'll just update... lol~ I noticed a lot of the comments in my past post regarded the hair pins I made (click here to see the post). Since so many of you guys liked it, I thought I'll have a mini-contest... yippie~ :)
I'm going to give away a pair of hair pins to two readers. The best part is its going to be customized to your taste... hehe~ So basically whoever the winners are get to choose the style they like (pink or blue) and what colors they would like as long as I have the yarn... hehe~ Sounds good eh!?!? ;)

1. You need to leave a comment so I know you're interested in the contest.
2. You need to be a follower to my blog.
3. It's open to everyone including out of the U.S.

End of the contest: April 16th at 11:59 p.m. pacific time

How are the winners chosen: number generator

Once you are chosen as the winner, I will mention it on my blog and the winners have 5 days to contact me through e-mail. You will give me the color and style. I'll make it and send it off... wheee~

I hope this will be fun and people will enter!!! :)
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